Samarpan Academy Institute of Crisis Management Studies

Dhumbarahi -4 Kathmandu




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Samarpan Academy, Institute of crisis Management Studies (ICMS) is a newly-established centre for academia focusing on the management of crisis resulting from both human activity and natural causes. It offers a unique, multidisciplinary Master of Arts in Crisis Management, providing the very best national and international scholars, practitioners and experts currently engaged in the diverse areas pertaining to crisis. The ICMS also offers training, simulation exercises and field visits, not only as part of the curriculum but as practical exercises for a range of different governmental and non-governmental organisations and initiatives.

The specialized nature of the ICMS extends to its purpose built grounds, computer facilities, and online learning experiences to inspire students to forward themselves and the subject.


ICMS strives to achieve excellence and be a world-class education provider. The modules relating to MA Crisis Management are designed in such a way to help to shape the intellectual, moral, and crisis management leadership necessary for meeting both natural disaster and human made global challenges.

The modules in the MA Counseling Psychology course related to Counseling Psychology, aim to help practitioners improve well-being alleviate distress, to resolve crisis and increase capacity. The course pays particular attention to emotional, social, education, development and organizational concerns


To provide a platform for the pursuit of scholarly and practical inquiry in a challenging and stimulating program which supports academic excellence in a new and important field of academic discourse.


  • To conduct an interdisciplinary program for a better understanding both the fields of crisis management and counseling psychology.
  • To prepare students for professional positions in the various fields of crisis management counseling psychology.
  • To prepare professionals who can respond to a range of uncertain, ever evolving crisis management complexities
  • To prepare managers who can evaluate alternative approaches and make critical decisions that facilitate crisis response and recovery operations.
  • To prepare highly ethical professionals who will work within the boundaries of crisis management to ethical, legal and regulatory standards.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to engage in significant and appropriate research within the field of crisis management and counseling psychology.
  • To prepare qualified, knowledgeable, skilful and ethical counselors equipped with the skills to work in a variety of settings.
  • To offer courses with the priority of meeting the educational and personal needs of its students, based on a scientist-practitioner model, with an emphasis on empirical research and evidence-based practices
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