Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2.0 CGPA or second division in any TU-recognized discipline
  • English proficiency
  • High performance on the ICMS entrance exam
  • Working professionals and recent graduates are encouraged to apply

Note: Applicants who have completed the qualifying educational level but are awaiting final results may apply on a provisional basis, provided he/she has already taken the last semester of final annual examinations of the program and passed all previous year/semester papers.


Graduating from ICMS offers a unique opportunity to play a significant role in the national and international need for crisis and counseling experts. The Institute prepares students for professional positions in the various fields within Crisis Management and Counseling. As trained professionals, MCMS graduates will gain skills and expertise to respond to a range of uncertain, ever-evolving crisis management complexities. They will be prepared to manage and evaluate alternative approaches as well as to make critical decisions that facilitate crisis response and recovery operations. Graduates of the MCP course will be qualified, knowledgeable, skillful, and ethical counselors equipped with the skills to work in a variety of settings with all types of clients.

Graduating from ICMS will aid students in finding work in a broad range of fields, including international organizations such as the United Nations; non-governmental organizations working in the field of crisis management and social justice; in government and the public sector; or as researchers and journalists. Our Master's programs also prepare students to progress to the Ph.D. level.