MA Governance and Anticorruption Studies

MA Governance and Anticorruption Studies

2 years

Master of Arts in Governance and Anticorruption Studies is a two years program offered by Tribhuvan University.


Students seeking admissions in Master of Arts in Governance and Anticorruption Studies must have completed Bachelor's or equivalent from a recognized university. They also need to pass the entrance examination conducted by the Tribhuvan University.

Curricular Structure

The course expands over a two-year duration with 4 semesters. With a total of 63 credits, the course is only completed when a student submits his/her thesis on the final semester which carries the credit of 6.

Semester I
Course Code Course Title Credit
GANC 551 Theories of Anti-Corruption 3
GANC 552 Economics of Corruption 3
GANC 553 Politics and Corruption 3
GANC 554 Perspectives and Challenges of Governance 3
GANC 555 Statistical Methods 3
Total   15
Semester II
Course Code Course Title Credit
GANC 556 Development and Corruption 3
GANC 557 Anti-Corruption Laws and Mechanism 3
GANC 558 Ethics and Corruption 3
GANC 559 Social, Cultural and Behavioral Perspectives of Corruption 3
GANC 560 Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting 3
Total   15
Semester III
Course Code Course Title Credit
GANC 561 Research Methods and Approaches 3
GANC 562 Mass Media and Information Technology 3
  Optional (Any two)  
GANC 563-1 Public Accountability, Tax, and Fiscal Justice 3
GANC 563-2 International Crimes 3
GANC 563-3 Corruption, Globalization, and International Initiatives 3
GANC 564 Internship (Compulsory) 3
Total   15
Semester IV
Course Code Course Title Credit
GANC 565 Human Rights, Civics, Civil Code, Right to Information 3
GANC 566 Project Management and Corruption Control 3
  Optional (Any two)  
GANC 567-1 Anti-Corruption, Compliances and Private Sector 3
GANC 567-2 International Relations and Economic Diplomacy 3
GANC 567-3 Comparative Studies of Anti-Corruption Laws (Selected Countries: SAARC and Others) 3
GANC 568 Thesis (Compulsory) 6
Total   18

Final Thesis 

Masters of Arts in Governance and Anti-Corruption Studies academic program complete with the successful submission and defense of a Master's Degree Thesis. The Master's Degree thesis is an academic paper of 25,000 words demonstrating conceptual and analytical approaches to a topic related to corruption, anti-corruption, and/or compliance and applying knowledge to practice. Each student is assigned an experienced faculty supervisor to guide them in the research and writing of their Master's Thesis.