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Twenty Seven Years of Siddhartha Vanasthali Institutes' outstanding experience is a common heritage which has been explored, experimented and shared to enhance one's inherent potentialities. A good education opens the door to a promising career and Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute inspires its students to achieve goal. In affiliation with NEB it offers Plus two science and Management.

Educational Program

The school session resumes as per the govt. academic calendar the working hours begin from 9:35 A.M. to 3:10 P.M. for classes kids to seven and from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. for eight to ten. The school runs from Sunday through Friday and remains closed normally on Saturdays and on the last Friday of every month.

Academic Decentralization

In order to organize the whole academic programme and also for the smooth functioning of administrative procedures, the administrative units have been decentralized. The class-wise academic and co-curricular activities are supervised by the Level Incharges. The whole academic activities are coordinated by the Principal.Co-ordinators of different subjects help the teachers in preparing the lesson plans and the syllabus.

SVI : School of Science and Technology

Courses Offered

  1. Biological Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  2. Physical Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

SVI : Faculty of Commerce and Management

The management of the Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute chose, among several options, to set up a Commerce and Management Campus as well for a bulk of students who are willing to offer themselves for the said course. A great chunk of our school graduates now joins commerce and management courses in different countries. 

Briefly Siddhartha Vanasthali Campus (Faculty of Commerce and Management) has come into existence to tap the students who have genuine interest in and aptitude for commerce education, provide them with a healthy and encouraging atmosphere to develop their inherent qualities. The infrastructures for the production of skilled, qualitative, enterprising and dedicated manpower are being made available.

Siddhartha Vanasthali College of Management is an offspring of Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute. It offers BBS program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University. 


Wuhan University, one of the topmost Government Universities of China, offers admission to the Nepalese students in different faculties with concession in tuition and accommodation fees under our recommendation.

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