Reed Model Secondary School

Nagarjun-2, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu




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  1. Description

Reed Model Secondary, one of the reputed “A” graded Schools in Kathmandu Valley. REED Model Secondary School is an outcome of untiring efforts put by highly experienced, qualified and eminent professionals, scholar and astute managers having ample exposure in the field of education. 

REED Model Secondary School is a co-educational academic career building and professional education providing institution. REED Secondary School has already grown to be a prestigious institution in a very short time frame. At present, the school imparts up to higher secondary level education in a very sophisticated and positive setting with around 900 students.

With excellent physical facilities and located in a serene and spacious compound, REED Model Secondary School offers an excellent academic environment. It has a platform of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who are familiar with modern techniques in teaching in an atmosphere of self-discipline and sensibility. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are the fundamental priorities of REED Model Secondary School to multiply the skills and develop pleasure in learning.

Due to its historic and successful 100% SLC result with Distinction in earlier 6 batches of SLC graduates; it is able to earn a high reputation in academic excellence through creativity development. 


  • It values in practical education that fosters creativity and independent learning.
  • It values quality rather than quantity i.e., we focus on selective students rather than the collective students.
  • It strives to provide a physical infrastructure with appropriate technology that provides an environment in which our students and faculty can thrive professionally.


  • To admit students with capability and motivation to strive for academic and pragmatic excellence through innovative practices.
  • To foster students all round development through both Curricular and Extra Curricular activities.
  • To explore avenues of quality education through learning by doing approach.
  • To ensure the development of strong will power, influential character and impressive personality in students.
  • To nurture the creative potentialities of the young minds with the help of good character, discipline, confidence and balanced curricula.
  • To develop and pursue academic excellence that are market-friendly, accessible, flexible and innovative by nature.
  • To be an excellent center for learning where students are properly cared and nurtured.
  • To provide value-based skills required to establish and promote research practices.
  • To explore the needs of the community and shape values in them accordingly.