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Caspian Valley Secondary School is located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, which is the centre of academic undertakings.

Caspian Valley School offers education for +2 levels under NEB in Science/Management/ Humanities. The  programmes are run to quench the thirst of Nepalese students and are aimed to develop global competitors. We have followed the tradition of established an international presence of our own strength. Our purpose is to groom the students to be able to complete both nationally and internationally.

Caspian Valley School has several major strengths: a solid team of academicians, a student-centered approach, and an unbeatable ambience. Caspian Valley School is unique in the way they have kept themselves abreast of the new educational trends and have responded to the ever-changing needs of students.

Caspian has over the years promoted a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment so as to prepare the students to adapt to global scenario. Caspian strongly believes that a good school should not only award certificates to the students but also leave a rich legacy to the society.

Contact Address

Caspian Valley College
PO Box: 8975, EPC 2685
Kumaripati, Lalitpur
01-5008523, 5521445