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Ranking of Plus two Colleges/HSS in Nepal: Top 25 plus two colleges in Nepal 2014

February 17, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

In developed countries, there is an established and scientific system of ranking colleges/ Universities. They rank the colleges/universities by using different indicators such as Quality of Education, Student-teachers ratio, number and quality of employment opportunities got by the graduates, research and inventions done by the faculties, etc. 

But in our country Nepal, there is still a lack of a reliable, scientific, and authentic ranking system for colleges. Once edusanjal has planned to establish a unique and reliable ranking system for colleges operating in Nepal. For this, we have talked with Ministry of Education officials, shared ideas with Higher Secondary Education Board and with college principals/chairs, but both government educational institutions and private colleges showed reluctance to share data regarding college fees, student/teachers ratio, pass percentage, etc, so we could not start this ranking system. 

For the past few years, one of the leading magazines of Nepal, Nepal magazine has been publishing the ranking of plus two colleges in Nepal. They have shared that they are using pass percentage as one of the main indicators to rank plus two colleges. Though we are not fully convinced with this ranking process and the college rank resulting from this process, we are sharing their ranking for your reference. 

Note: We acknowledge the work of the Nepal magazine team for their dedication and hard work to bring this ranking.  If you want to get more information about the tools used in ranking and other details please visit the source below. 

Source: Nepal Magazine

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