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V.S. Niketan Secondary School is located in Minbhawan, Kathmandu. Established in 2038 B.S., V.S. Niketan Secondary School aims at imparting need responsive quality education for the current and future generations of students. 

The school has concrete foundation of senior management body and composite personalities has been a motivating center for effective learning, innovative practices and result oriented education. It prides itself on being an education of excellence by preparing students for the challenges ahead with programs and counseling that are both relevant and progressive

V.S. Niketan Secondary School is deeply dedicated and committed to develop competence, conscience, compassion and commitment in the personal qualities of the students. It always promotes academically solid, socially relevant and value oriented education in the country.

The school has been recognized as one of the developed and biggest institutions in the country. Over the years, it has earned sheer reputation in the field of education due to its educational excellence.

All the necessary infrastructures in all terms, essential of fulfill the ever-growing demand of the society and to meet the global challenges of 21st century are found in V.S. Niketan Secondary School. Beside academic excellence, the students are exposed with modern educational tools and well equipped lab and library facilities. 

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Salient features

Library And Laboratory:

V.S. Niketan consists of ample collection of Reading and Reference materials to the students and teachers for their productive studies and effective teaching materials. It deserves well-equipped and spacious science laboratories as required by the curriculum for Secondary and Higher Secondary Level.

Computer Education:

The school has separate Computer Department with efficient instructors and installation of sufficient number of computers. The students of class III to VIII will have regular computer classes.


The school has a Mini Audiovisual Room, which consists of visual cassettes, CDs and VCD on various subjects. It also offers audiovisual facility to the children to visualize routinely.

Medical Care:

The school maintains within its premises a modest sickroom with first aid kits and resting beds with necessary first aid medicines. An annual health checkup, ENT checkup, blood grouping and vaccination programs are also held on routine. Parents/ Guardians are informed about the findings of the check up in time. In case of serious emergency/ illness students will be taking to the hospital and parents will be informed on time.

Educational Tour:

The students are taken for educational tour to different places under the supervision of the grade teachers. They are taken to excursion tour, historical tour, industrial tour and social services activities etc.


V.S. Niketan provides School Bus facilities on major cities of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur to desired students. The scheduled for Bus Route, Stops with Bus timing will be issued from the School at the beginning of each academic session. The senior students must take care of the junior ones inside the School Bus. All the Students must follow the School Bus Rules strictly.

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