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Sagarmatha Multiple College (SM College), established in 2057 (2000) and affiliated to National Examination Board and Purbanchal University, is the creation of some of Nepal s well-known educationists, academicians and scholars. The team is led by professionally trained and experienced teachers and staff.

SM College is, in its nine year long history, demonstrating its quality, dedication and commitment. The College Management expresses hearty gratitude to all of its valued parents/guardians for their continued support, advice, feedback and warm affection they have shown for the College. The college is confident that their invaluable support will continue in the future.

SM College has a vision for the country, for the parents and for the new generation of Nepal to shoulder the process of nation-building and social change through innovative and creative education. College is dedicated to the production of social scientists, media workers and other professionals required for nation building.

SM College believes in Education for Progressive Change. It is guided by the philosophy of optimizing the potentials of Nepal s energetic youth and meeting the requirement of the country for overall change. Furthermore, the college has adopted a holistic view of imparting the quality education to meet the emerging challenges of the contemporary world and time.

Contact Address
Sagarmatha Multiple College
GPO Box: 19363
Dillibazar, Kathmandu

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Salient features

Why SM College?

Choosing to study is not just about selecting the right course. It 's about finding a place that will help you grow, develop new skills and achieve qualifications to fulfill your interests, talents and career ambitions. SM College is a college which is committed to preparing you for the working environment and the challenges you will face in your future career.

SM College provides a culture that puts student first. We are constantly adopting student 's needs. Our lecturers ensure that time spend at SM is both efficiently and effectively utilize to provide the best possible outcome. We have designed all our teaching methods to enhance your career prospects, enabling you to develop the skills necessary for real success.

By focusing on the needs of students we have designed programmes and activities which have a number of start dates during the year. This flexibility will, we believe, enable more students to benefit from a period of study by responding to individual preferences and circumstances.

We expect our students to work very hard, but we never forget that learning should be exciting and enjoyable. Our aim is to develop a friendly supportive environment, combining cooperation and competition whilst encouraging feedback and open discussion.

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Scholarship information


A. Merit Scholarship

(1St Admitted)

Management and Humanities (Morning and Day)

Monthly fee (%)

Monthly (%)










Note: Minimum Rs. 2000/- should be paid by full scholarship students for college registration and documentation.

B: Other Scholarships and Awards





As decided by college Management

SM Term Exam Best Performance Award

80% or above scorer in Science and Management in term exam.



100% fee waive in tuition fee till next term exams.

SM Excellence Scholarship

The best scorer in board exam



25% waive in Science, Management and Humanities

School Topper Scholarship

School Topper



As decided by College Management

Note: No student is entitled to more than one award at a time.

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