Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology

4 years

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is a 4 year course divided into 8 semesters. With a total of 140 credit hours, the course is offered across 7 institutions with fees ranging from 3-5 lakhs. 

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  • Fee:NPR 344,200

The Bachelor of Information Technology is an academic program of Purbanchal University comprising of core unit and advanced unit. The core unit  of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) covers the fundamentals of information technology that provide students with knowledge and skills in programming, systems design, computer networks and communication. The advanced unit enables students to exercise, develop and apply their knowledge and skills in the areas of Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile communication, Internet and World Wide Web.

BIT is a four-year (eight semesters), 140 credit hours academic program that gives knowledge and expertise needed for a long-term career in IT rather than the basic skills to get the first job.  The course offers scientific and technical depth along with study in areas such as management, communications and aspects of human behavior, all of which are vital to the success of an IT professional.



Salient Features

Objectives of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Program:      

  • Train students to analyze, design and implement computer-based systems related to recent developments like internet technology, multimedia, web-based applications and mobile communications.
  • Impart knowledge to appreciate the rapidity of technological changes and develop an understanding of field of study, relevant to the integrative design.
  • Build ability to use communication technology and enable to apply these skills in the various communication medias.
  • Develop the abilities and interpersonal skills important for effective participation and leadership in industry.


  1. Should have successfully completed twelve years of schooling in any stream with at least a mathematics subject of 100 marks in 10+2 level examination.
  2. Must have a minimum C grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 2.0 or more. In case a student has taken the additional mathematics subject in grade 12, the student must have passed the additional mathematics paper with at least a D+ grade. OR Must have secured a minimum score of second division (45%) marks in 10+2, PCL, or equivalent in any discipline.
  3. Candidates are required to appear in the entrance examination test conducted by Purbanchal University.
  4. Only shortlisted candidates from written tests will be interviewed and selected for admission

Job Prospects

Career Options:

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Graduates are well equipped with technical skills and are highly sought after by Information and Communication industry. They have excellent opportunities available for progressing into management and leadership positions.

BIT graduates may opt for positions in IT-related fields like Network Management, Internet & Intranet Management, Database Administration, Web Administration, Advertising, Information Management, Application Development, Network Consultancy, Distributed Applications Development and Multimedia Technology.