Gandaki University

Mustang Chowk, Pokhara, Pokhara, Pokhara Lekhnath, Kaski

Established in 2019 with the aim to provide world-class education keeping up with the most recent international trends in university education, Gandaki University is located in the picturesque city of Pokhara. 

Offered Programs

Salient Features

Gandaki University is dedicated to:

  • Provide industry-related education to build a diverse, tech-savvy, and information-rich global society.
  • Establish the Pokhara metropolitan area as the education hub of the country.
  • Directly involve in promoting academic excellence to meet national, regional, and international needs.
  • Enhance self-sustainability through lifelong learning programs.
  • Attract a high number of students of all ages and produce citizens who help contribute to national development and market needs.
  • Implement innovative teaching methodologies and approaches to include technological advancements, contemporary practices, and trends applicable to Nepal.
  • Enhance professional skills development for academic and non-academic staff to serve the needs of students
  • Ensure that all programs include critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills which create a distinctive learning environment to face the challenges in the current global setting

Admission Guidelines

Admission is conducted through entrance exam merit list. Merit List is based on:

  • For BSM, BIT, and BALLB program 90% from entrance exam, 5% from SEE grade, and 5% from SLC (10+2) grade.
  • And, for BBA program 80% from entrance exam, 10% from SEE grade, and 10% from SLC (10+2) grade.

Documents Needed:

  1. SEE Grade Certificate, SEE character Certificate photocopy.
  2. SLC (10+2) Grade Certificate, Character Certificate photocopy.
  3. Citizenship Certificate photocopy.
  4. Two passport-size photos.


Gandaki University provides various kinds of scholarships such as the Entrance Topper Scholarship (4 students), Gandaki Pradesh Entrance Topper Scholarship (2 Students), National Player Scholarship (for BSM only), Semester Topper Scholarships, and Chancellor Scholarship.


Nestled amidst the breathtaking Fishtail and Annapurna Mountains and cradled in the enchanting lakeside valley, Gandaki University (GU) is a prominent institution located in the captivating city of Pokhara. This bustling metropolis is rapidly emerging as a prominent educational center in Southeast Asia. Established in 2019, Gandaki University is dedicated to delivering world-class education that aligns with the latest global trends in university education.

Their commitment extends to offering a diverse range of interdisciplinary subjects and adopting student-centric pedagogical approaches, all aimed at empowering students to realize their lifelong aspirations and dreams. Gandaki University aspires to be a preeminent national center of excellence in higher education in Nepal, with a vision to rank among the top universities worldwide. Concurrently, they provide a nurturing environment for teaching and research to address the evolving demands of the global landscape.

At Gandaki University, their guiding mission is encapsulated in the phrase "Welcome to the Future." They are dedicated to advancing society through knowledge, enabling their students not only to acquire an education for their livelihoods but also to take the lead in navigating the challenges of a turbulent world. Their strategic plan involves implementing a comprehensive framework that outlines how the university will shape the future of its students. Their branding efforts aim to span all forms of media and cultivate a sense of unity, collectivism, friendship, and ownership among their university community, encompassing both national and international stakeholders. This includes administrative staff, faculty, students, local residents, and concerned parties such as government bodies, advocacy groups, NGOs, civil societies, INGOs, and business communities, as needed. Together, they are committed to fostering quality education while upholding democratic values and high ethical standards.


  • Develop the human resource capacity of Nepal, especially in science and technology along with other disciplines considered vital for improving the quality of life of the people such as information technology and management sciences.
  • Provide liberal and human education to the brightest and the most dedicated students that a new class of quality leadership is nurtured devoted to the development of Gandaki Province and Nepal.