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Salient Features

Why KCC?

  • To grow in the well-tested procedure for professional success
  • To experience the research-oriented project activities
  • To acquire knowledge and skills that students can apply anywhere
  • To get a good research gateway to the research arena, To launch project-based teaching-learning activities
  • To get the opportunity to experience the global culture, To associate with the KCC Alumni for professional development and networking
  • To get on-campus opportunities
  • To get updated about student progress from anywhere through the MS system
  • To explore students through industrial collaboration

Admission Guidelines


BE Computer

Applicants for BE Computer should have passed Plus Two or Intermediate of Science or Diploma in Engineering with C Grade in all subjects and 100 marks Mathematics paper. Bio Group can also apply.

BE Electronics and Communication

Applicants for BE Electronics and Communication should have passed Plus Two or Intermediate of Science or Diploma in Engineering with C Grade in all subjects and 100 marks Mathematics paper. Bio Group can also apply.

BE Civil

Applicants for BE Civil should have passed Plus Two or Intermediate of Science or Diploma in Engineering with C Grade in all subjects and 100 marks Mathematics paper. Bio Group can also apply.


Applicants seeking admission in BCA must have secured C Grade in all subjects or 45% in Plus Two or Intermediate or equivalent in any discipline.


Applicants for BIT should have passed Plus Two or Intermediate or equivalent in any discipline with 45% or C Grade in all subjects with 100 marks Mathematics paper.


Applicants seeking admission in BBA must have secured a 45% score or C Grade in all subjects in Plus Two or Intermediate or equivalent in any discipline or any other discipline.

Master of Computer Application(MCA)

Applicants for MCA should pass Bachelor in Computer related subject (BCA, BIT, BE Computer, BIM, Bsc CSIT, BSc IT, Btech, etc) with at least 45% in aggregate or 2.5 CPGA out of 4. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application(PGDCA)

Applicants for PGDCA should pass Bachelor in any subject (BBA, BBS, BA, BED, BSC, BSW, BBM, BHM, etc) with at least 45% in aggregate or 2.5 CGPA out of 4. Working students can apply with 40% marks in bachelor. 

Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism(MA MCJ)

Applicants for MA MCJ should pass Bachelor in any subject (BBA, BBS, BA, BED, BSC, BSW, BBM, BHM, etc) with at least 45% in aggregate or 2.5 CGPA out of 4. Working students can apply with 40% marks in bachelor. 


Scholarship Categories

1. Full scholarship

100% scholarship in Tuition fee for first 20 distinction holder students.

2. Sponserd scholarship

50% scholarship in Tuition fee for the first 20 (40 in BE civil)admitted students.

3. KCC Merit  Scholarship

At least 1.5% of students will be provided KCC Scholarship. The scholarship will be provided on the basis of the following criteria:

KCC Scholarship

Weightage taken from (%)
PCL/+2 60
KCC Scholarship Test 30
Interview 10
Aggregate 100
Aggregate marks obtained Scholarship % (in tuition fee)
50-54 10
55-59 20
60-64 30
65-69 40
70 and above 50

 4. University scholarship

a. Merit Scholarship

The 5% highest scorer in the entrancing student will be provided 80% of the total college fee. The scholarship in this category will be continued unless the student passes the semester exam.

b. Reservation Scholarship

5% of the total students will be provided a 100%  scholarship in total college fee. The Student will be liable to pay a yearly university fee. The decision will be taken or the marks will be decided as per the university norms. The norms:

1. Percentage of Marks obtained in Purbanchal University Entrance Exam 25%
2. Percentage of Marks obtained in SLC Examination   5%
3. Percentage of Marks obtained in 10+2/ I. Sc./ or equivalent Exam 10%
4. SLC from Community/Government Schools   5%
5. 10+2 or equivalent from Government Colleges 5%
6. Female  10%
7. Dalits/ Indigenous Groups/ Ethnic Groups/ Madhesis/ Muslims 10%
8. Students from remote and backward areas  10%
9. Families of the Disappeared & Missing/ Martyrs Family/ Family with injured members in People’s Movement (Jana Andolan) and Madhesh Movement/ Victims of Conflict/ Displaced People 10%
10. Ex Kamaiyas/ Haliyas and Deprived Groups 10%


Kantipur City College (KCC) is located at Putalisadak, Kathmandu. It was established in 2001 AD, is affiliated with Purbanchal University. KCC with its concrete foundation of the senior management body and composite teaching personalities has been a motivating center for effective learning, innovation practices, and substantial research which is located conveniently in Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

In its endeavor, KCC’s academic breadth, while celebrating its 10th year, has expanded to 5 constituent schools, 1 professional study department, 9 academic degrees, 4 certification programs, and 2 independent research units. 

Kantipur City College offers the most comprehensive and intellectually stimulating academic programs many of which explore students to an array of disciplines, empowering them with versatile skills to succeed at many levels. 

Besides, its foremost instructional facilities, unrivaled resources, and industry affiliation contribute enormously to graduates. The college is pleased that its graduates are working at the forefront of industry, government, and academia at home and international stands.


Kantipur City College (KCC), lays special stress on producing human resources to meet the challenges of contemporary times by transmitting knowledge and skills to the students. Its focus on student-centric innovative education, training, and career build-up has been instrumental in facilitating its graduates to compete well in the market.


KCC is emerging as a center of excellence for quality education and training. The courses it offers in multi-disciplinary areas aim at improving the potentiality of students besides developing their capacity to tackle real-life problems. KCC programs are university programs and they are enhanced by developing and maintaining partnerships with business, industry, and the community. KCC faculties are dedicated to teaching, advising/mentoring, research, regular evaluation, and feedback.

It is through the innovation in pedagogy, research, and institutional practices that the college empowers students to be independent self-starters, enthusiastic learners who face problems with courage and a positive spirit and produce eminent results in their fields.


  • Facilitating  students' excellence;
  • supporting faculty and staff excellence;
  • extensive community engagements, collaboration, and global outreach;
  • strengthening operational capacities and infrastructure;
  • establishing a competitive market brand; and
  • extension of research and consultancy.


  • Provide quality technical education facilities to every student admitted to the college and facilitate the development of all-round personalities of the students;
  • to produce competent engineers by enhancing their technological capacities and producing competitive business and managerial skills with the intent to deliver competent human resources to support the nation's broader visions for development;
  • develop college as a resource center for the nation to provide inputs in the field of engineering through the public-private collaboration and international institutional partnership;
  • provide incentives and encouragement to motivate staff and students to be actively involved in research-innovative projects in collaboration with industry;
  • encourage exposure of students and faculties through participation in seminars, conferences, and workshops; and
  • extend consultancy services to cater to the industry and market-based requirements in the field of technical and managerial expertise involving the faculties and students.

Core values

  • Business industries and community collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect for individual
  • Intellectual excellence
  • Educational focus

Message from the Chairman

Suman Katawal

Kantipur City college (KCC) is proud to be part of Nepal’s Promising future. Over the past ten years, KCC has achieved an outstanding growth in academic and professional’s structure. We aim to continuously develop our reputation for excellence, and attract scholars, researchers and visitors form both national and international community.

I am delighted that our schools offer the most respected courses in engineering, computer Application, information technology, media professionalism, and business administration. Our research units are doing bafulous works. Most pleasing is the way our graduate are excelling in workplace and leading in job market.

Suman Katawal

Message from the Principal

Raju Kattel

It is my pleasure to welcome you into our college family. We, at Kantipur City College (KCC), focus on practical education through project-based learning and research approach.  Our innovative teaching-learning activities include seminar, workshop and presentations to enrich exposure to students. We also focus on fostering research culture, where students and faculty together solve different problems existing around us.

KCC is dedicated to growing our students’ as good human beings, along with various opportunities of internship and placement. We strive forth to make KCC a center of excellence in research and teaching in all fields from engineering and IT to manage. We have been organizing faculty development programs to update them with latest research trends and pedagogical practices. We also have online-learning / management system in practice.

Raju Kattel