The 4-semester MA MCJ program (two years) is an offer for students who want to earn a University degree with professional expertise and academic command in Mass Communication and Journalism. It offers a graduate degree to respond to the phenomenal growth of the mass media in Nepal and the need for competent, trained, professionals equipped with the latest knowledge in the ICT sector. The subject-based modules of the program arm the students with theoretical information, and the practical research work equips them with real professional talents. This program is useful for both fresh graduates and working journalists.

Aims of the Program

  • Enable students to have knowledge of the theoretical concepts, communication skills, and practical experience necessary to pursue careers in the media profession and media enterprises.
  • Impart knowledge through important research on the process, context, and impact of mass communication and develop appropriate research methods for the study of mass communication.
  • Provide knowledge and experience essential to take academic and professional leadership in media institutions.
  • Train students to apply information technology in the mass media.
  • Build up skills to pursue a career as a journalist, communication officer, visual maker, multimedia communicator, and media executive.
  • Continue further education beyond Master’s Degree.