MA in Mass Communication and Journalism

MA in Mass Communication and Journalism

2 years

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Master of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (MAMCJ) is a multi-disciplinary course. It has been found to be very effective. The Media Industry requires young professionals who are not only well-informed and exceptionally communicative but also skilled in all aspects of media production.



Students who have completed Bachelor’s Degree level in any faculty with at least 40 percent of aggregate marks and interested in multi-dimensional aspects of mass communication and journalism can apply for the MAMCJ program in Nov/Dec of every year. The initial process includes submitting completed form and appearing for the entrance test before an oral interview. Those able to clear the entrance test and the oral interview will be selected for the program.

However, the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism is not compelled to enroll all of those who pass the entrance test and the oral interview in case of the unavailability of seats. Decision is taken on merit basis.

Curricular Structure

Curriculum: MA in Mass Communication and Journalism: Purbanchal University

Semester and Course Semester and Course

First Semester

Mass Communication: Theories & Practices

Modern Journalism: Principles and Trends

Advanced Practices in Journalism /Term Paper

Broadcast Media: History and Modern Trends

Media Laws

Fundamentals of Information System

Project I (based on MCJ 503 CM)

Second Semester

Mass Media Industry and Society

News Products and Marketing

Research in Mass Communication

Advanced Electronic Media

Comparative Study of Journalism in Nepal

Advanced Concepts in Electronic Publications

Project Work

Third Semester

Mass Communication & Advertisement

Mass Media and Public Relations

Multi-Media Application

Internship Project Work 1


Print Journalism or Broadcasting Journalism

Fourth Semester

Media Management


Optional (Any two)

Media and Gender

Development Journalism

Science & Environmental Journalism

Court Reporting

Cyber Publishing

Public Communication Practices

Int'l Communication and Comparative Journalism

Alternative Media Practices