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The four-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) program of Pokhara University integrates information technology with business management - an integration that best responds to the emerging needs of the modern business. This program attempts to develop the technical skills and organizational insights in students to analyze, design, implement and manage information systems. 

BCIS is an intensive program that strongly and adequately emphasizes both conceptual foundations and practical applications, both in the areas of information technology and management. After graduating from the program, many of our students have pursued Masters level programs in the US, UK and elsewhere in the world.


The BCIS program aims, among others, at: 

  1. Preparing students to take up entry-level managerial positions and to start a professional career in computer information systems;
  2. Inculcating a positive attitude, abilities and practical skills so essential for competent and responsible computer professionals; and
  3. Developing independent, critical and creative thinkers with analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Admission criteria

Pokhara University offers Scholarships to study Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) Program.

Scholarships Quota is as follows:

  1. Nobel College: 2(Two)
  2. Apex College: 5 (Five)
  3. Crimson College of Technology:2 (Two)

Salient features

Further Study Options

The BCIS graduate may also choose to peruse masters level programs in management, information system or other areas like MCA, MCIS, MIT, MIS MBA,CA, MSC(Computer Science) and other master level courses at recognized universities from anywhere around the world.


Applicant should have passed intermediate or equivalent in Science to be eligible to apply for this course. They must have acquired 50% score in their intermediate.

Curricular structure

The Curricular Structure  of Bachelor in Computer and Information Sytem
  1. A student needs to successfully complete 120 credits Hours of course work to graduate from the BCIS program. Recognizing the need for both breadth and depth in a quality academic program, the curriculum for the BCIS program comprises of six distinct components.
  2. Six courses (18 credit hours) in analytical tool area;
  3. Three courses (9 credit hours) in support areas to provide a student with a strong foundation in communication skills;
  4. Nine courses (27 Credit hours) in basic areas of management to help students understand and appreciate the diversity of and the interrelationships between various functional areas of business and management;
  5. Seventeen courses (51 credit hours) in computer and information technology related areas
  6. A six credit internship to provide a student with an opportunity to gain real-life practical experience; and
  7. Three courses (9 credit hours) in elective area to help a student develop a degree of functional expertise in area of business or computers.

First Semester Courses:

ENG 101 English 
MTH 103 Mathematics 
PSY 101 General Psychology 
ECO 101 Introductory Microeconomics 
MGT 111 Principles of Management 
CMP 161 Programming Language 

Second Semester Courses:

ENG 102 English II
MTH 104 Mathematics II 
ECO 201 Introductory Macroeconomics 
CMP 162 Digital Systems 
CMP 163 Object Oriented Language (Java) 

Third Semester Courses:

STT 101 Business Statistics 
CMP 264 Numerical Methods 
CMP 261 System Analysis and Design 
SOC 101 Fundamental of Sociology 
CMP 263 Computer Architecture and Microprocessor 

Fourth Semester Courses:

STT 201 Data Analysis and Modeling 
ACC 121 Financial Accounting I 
CMP 262 Database Management System 
MGT 211 Fundamental of Organizational Behavior 
CMP 265 Internet Technology (Web Programming) 
PRJ 291 Minor Project I 

Fifth Semester Courses:

FIN 131 Essential of Finance 
CMP 266 Operating System 
CMP 267 Data Communication and Networks 
CMP 268 Mobile Computing (Programming) 
MGT 314 Management of Human Resources 

Sixth Semester Courses:

LAW 291 Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 
MGT 311 Fundamentals of Operations Management 
CMP 361 Electronic Commerce (Programming) 
CMP 362 Computer Graphics and Image Processing 
MKT 241 Principles of Marketing 
PRJ 392 Minor Project II 

Seventh Semester Courses:

RCH 311 Business Research Methods 
CMP 363 Information System Security 
CMP 364 IT Project Management 
INT 393 Internship 
- Elective I 

Eighth Semester Courses:

MGT 412 Strategic Management 
CMP 365 Digital Economy 
PRJ 493 Major Project 
- Elective II 

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