Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management

4 years

The BHM program at Pokhara University takes 4 years and has 8 semesters. The program requires 120 credit hours to complete. This degree is available to study at 15 colleges in Nepal.

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Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the most sought and desired degrees by the students all around the world. This course provides training and skill developments to meet the needs of people seeking employment in management positions in the Hotel Industry.

The successful completion of Bachelor in Hotel Management provides a rewarding academic Hotel career ahead. The curriculum for BHM is structured to produce a Hotel Professional, after the successful completion of the course.



Eligibility for Admission

For Grade 12 Graduates till 2078 BS

Pass Grade 12 examiantion with a minimum CGPA 1.8 and achieve a minimum of D+ grade in every subjects in Grade 11 and 12.

For Grade 12 Graduates from 2079 BS

Pass Grade 12 examiantion with a minimum CGPA 1.8 and achieve a minimum of D grade in every subjects in Grade 11 and 12.

Admission Criteria

Pokhara University offers Scholarships to study Bachelor in Hotel Management Program.

Scholarships Quota is as follows:

  1. Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College:5 (Five)
  2. Quest International College:2 (Two)
  3. Nepal Western Management and Engineering College:2 (Two)
  4. Ritz Hospitality Management College:5 (Five)


Curricular Structure

Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) Curriculum Pokhara University

SEMESTER [Credit Hours] SEMESTER [Credit Hours]

SEMESTER I [Credit Hours 15]

English I

Business Mathematics I

Financial Accounting I

Principle of Management

Computer Applications

SEMESTER II [Credit Hours 15]

English II

Business Mathematics II

Financial Accounting II

Micro Economics

Programming Language

SEMESTER III [Credit Hours 15]

Business communication

Business Statistics


Management Accounting

Macro economics

SEMESTER IV [Credit Hours 15]

Fundamentals of Logic

Data Analysis and Modeling


Finance I

Research Methodology

Summer Project

SEMESTER V [Credit Hours 15]

Organizational Relations

Principles of Marketing

Management Information System Finance II

Nepalese Business Environment

SEMESTER VI [Credit Hours 15]


International Business

Operations Management

Human Resources Management Business law


SEMESTER VII [Credit Hours 15]

Strategic Management I

SpecializationI(Two Courses)

Specialization II (Two Courses)

SEMESTERVIII [Credit Hours 15]

Strategic Management II

Specialization I (Two Courses)

Specialization II (Two Courses)