Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management

4 years
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The hospitality industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world creating large percentage of employment. The hospitality industry covers wide range of organizations offering food and beverage and accommodation with motive to provide the best service to the guest.

Bachelor in Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM) is a four-year- Eight -semester program for total 138 credit hours. It provides the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operation, international marketing, food preparation and service, financial analysis, accounting, front office operations and handling multicultural team through the exceptional education system, professional instructors, seminar, workshop and industry visit which helps to equip student with necessary knowledge and intellectual and vocational skills to gain employment at supervisory and manager level in hospitality industry.


Eligibility:Candidate must have completed +2/Intermediate or equivalent in any stream from any recognized Board/ University.

Selection ProcedureCandidate will be required to get through the Purbanchal University’s entrance exam and interview.

Job Prospects

Job Prospects of BHCM

The hospitality industry is vibrant and glamorous field. A career in hospitality opens up an opportunity to earn a very good living and it offers a more dynamic working environment. Upon completion of this course students will be able to pursue further study in hospitality management or also be able to work in hospitality industry


  1. Front Office
  2. Food and Beverage Service
  3. Food Production
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Sales and Marketing
  6. Guest Relation/ Service


Railway Catering

Food Processing Industry

Travel Agency

Tourism Organization




Health Clubs



Cruise Liners



Curricular Structure

Core Subjects of Bacheor in Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM):

Front Office ManagementFront Office Management Knowledge develops skills of guest service, public relation, reservations, registration, room and rate assignment, maintenance and settlement of guest accounts. Furthermore the students specializing in this subject will be able to prepare budget, forecast and implement the departmental requirements.

The Knowledge acquired in Front Office Management is not only helpful to manage Hotel’s Front Office Department but also capable of managing day to day activities of business houses and multinational companies.

Housekeeping ManagementThis course develops skill to enable students to get acquainted with the Housekeeping Department and its position in the Hotel Industry and to enable students to acquire a through practical knowledge to understand and operate a vriety of manual and electronic systems found in a typical housekeeping department of hotel. This course also provide knowledge of textile, fibers and weaves with relation to purchasing linen, laundering procedure, inventory and record keeping, issuing and receiving techniques. Specialization in this subject will make the student capable of maintaining hotel, hostel, nursing homes, resident and public areas, operating laundry houses, etc.

Food Production and PatisserieThis course develops skills in handling and preparing food stuffs by using different methods of cooking. This course provides comprehensive knowledge of professional cooking, patisserie and larder work as applicable to the catering industry inclusive of hotel, restaurants, cruises, railways, shipping and food processing industries.

Culinary ArtsCulinary arts is intended to develop skills in preparing and presenting food in an eye appealing way for any exclusive and high quality food serving environment. It helps to fulfill the requirement of the professionals dedicated to showmanship in food carving, ice carving, patisserie, etc.

Food and Beverage ServiceThis course imparts knowledge, skill and most essential attitude required in the operational activities of Food and Beverage service. It imparts comprehensive knowledge of various alcoholic beverages and operating a bar and ensure through grounding in the principles of service of all types of alcoholic beverages and its related activities, develops skills in planning and coordinating banquet, buffet of various occasion and to plan and organize bar for service, to develop the concept of food service layout facilities and skills on supervising meal service and gueridon service.

Catering ManagementThis course provides student a high level knowledge in mass production and catering for banquets of various kinds, Airline, Cruise etc. The course concentrates on quality food production, presentation, menu planning and cost control for the catering and banqueting activities.

Casino ManagementThe course introduces the students with the working environment of casinos, function ares, type of games, casinos market and marketing and requirement of exclusive service.The students specializing in this course will have an opportunity to enter the casion industry in Nepal and Abroad.

Industrial TrainingIndustrial Training is an important part of the BHCM study where students get the opportunity to know and learn the real world of Hotel Management and Hospitality. In the 7th and 8th Semester students are sent to Five Star hotels for the internship of nine months.

Curricular Structure

Semester Subjects and Credit Hours Semester Subjects and Credit hours
SEMESTER I / 18 Credit Hours108 Communication Skill in English109 Principles of Managament110 Tourism and Hospitality Management.111 Food Production-I112 Food and Beverage Service-I113 Front Office Operation SEMESTER II / 18 Credit Hours208 Economics of Tourism209 Tourism Resources of Nepal210 Food Safety and Quality Management211 Food Production-II212 Food and Beverage Service-II213 Front Office Management
SEMESTER III / 18 Credit Hours308 Human Resource Management309 Hospitality French310 Food Science and Nutrition311  Food Production-III312 Food and Beverage Service-III313  House Keeping Operation-I SEMESTER IV / 18 Credit Hours408 Hospitality Law409 Hotel Accounting410 Catering Management411 Food Production-IV412 Food Service Management413 House Keeping Operation-II
SEMESTER V / 18 Credit Hours508 Statistics509 Hospitality Service Marketing510 Hotel engineering & Maintenance511 Bakery & Confectionary512 Food and Beverage Cost Control513 Events & Banquet Management514 Customer Safety and Security

SEMESTER VI / 15 Credit Hours

608 Research Methodology609 Entrepreneurship Development610 Consumer behavior & Psychology611 Recreation Management612 Professional Seminar in Hospitality613 Bar & Beverage Management 

614 Brand Management in Hospitality


SEMESTER VII / 20 Credit Hours708 Industrial Training/Report Writing SEMESTER VIII / 18 Credit HoursInternship/Report Writing