BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

3 years

The BHM at ISMT is delivered through BTEC HND and from the University of Sunderland, UK. The curriculum covers both fundamental and governing principles/theories of the hospitality industry and engages students in a range of practical lessons related to customer service, planning and managing an event, food and beverage production, hospitality service delivery, and accommodation & front office operations, etc. The contents are tailored specifically to the contemporary needs of hospitality and tourism-related businesses. The students are provided with ample opportunities to enhance their understanding of the hospitality industry and develop hands-on skills so that on completing the course the graduates are able to find jobs in the relevant hospitality-related businesses. 

Importantly, students who have completed two years from ISMT can have their credits transferred to many universities in Australia, UK, the USA, and many more and complete their final year or they can complete it from ISMT. 

Job Prospects

Studying BHM from ISMT college leads students to a range of careers depending on their interests, a major area of study, and the amount of study or work was undertaken during or after the course. The following are the career opportunities for ISMT graduates.

  •  Hotel Industry
  •  Food Industry
  •  Travel & Tour Industry
  •  Cruise lines
  •  Airlines
  •  Corporate Catering Industry
  •  Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  •  Social/Public Organizations
  •  Hotel Manager
  •  Resort manager
  •  Restaurant manager & F/B Manager
  •  Operation Manager
  •  Accommodation Manager

Curricular Structure

First Year, Level - 4 (120 Credit)
Semester I Semester II
The contemporary Hospitality Industry Managing the customer experience
Professional identity and practices Front office operations management
Managing accommodation services Managing food production
Human resource management Leadership and management for the service industry


Second Year, Level - 5 (120 Credit)
Semester III Semester IV
Research Project - year long Research project - year long
Managing and planning and event - year long Managing and planning an event - year long
Hospitality consumer behavior and insight Hospitality digital marketing
Menu development, Planning, and Design Hospitality business toolkit

Third Year, Level - 6 (120 Credit)

  1. International Hospitality Management (Core Unit)please note that there may be instances where not all options will be available.
  2. Strategic Planning for Tourism and Leisure
  3. Urban Tourism 
  4. Digital Technologies in the Visitor Economy
  5. International Hospitality Management Major Project (Double credit) 
  6. Gastronomy
  7. Service Quality
  8. Leadership and Management for the Service Sector