FHS Diploma in Hotel Management

FHS Diploma in Hotel Management

3 years
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FHS Diploma in Hotel Management course is highly crafted course with the careful selection of modules for the future managers of hospitality industry. The division of Basic Course and Core course provides a view to the students about the academic and the practical nature of this course. The students can not only gain competency in different management stream but also they are able to identify, judge and make an apt decision according to the need of the day.

Upon completion of graduation, the students will be able to:

  1. Acquire basic technical, managerial, and social skills required of a professional in handling hotel, customers and hospitality operations
  2. Apply cost control measures for greater economy and success of business operation
  3. Set standards for offer of quality services to customers
  4. Develop positive attitudes towards the trade with greater initiative and self confidence in handling the operations, and
  5. Hold supervisior and/or manager positions in the hotel, restaurant and other hospitality industries with adequate knowledge and skills of management functions


Students who successfully complete a High School Diploma, PCL, 'A' Level or equivalent are eligible to enroll into this program.

Admission Criteria

Students have to undergo a three step process to fulfill the admission criteria:

1) Firstly selected students have to sit for a written examination and psychometric test.

2) Second they have to participate in a group discussion where a topic will be given by the invigilator.

3) Lastly the selected students will have to go through a one on one personal interview.

Job Prospects

Students upon completion of the FHS Diploma in Hotel Management degree (Bachelors Level) with IST are groomed and competitive to join the industry at a supervisor or executive level not only in Nepal but also abroad.

Their graduates are working in various industries where there are customer relations involved (service industry) namely Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Travel Agencies, Cruise liners, Airlines, Educational Institutions, Banks, and many more.

IST provides a lot more career prospects like: Accommodation Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Front Office Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Sales and Marketing Manager, Executive Chef, Restaurant and Catering Entrepreneurs, Hotel Operators, Bar Management, Vocational Institution

Curricular Structure

The duration of Higher Diploma Program will be of Three Years Full Time. This includes two years of full time study and one year internship. This programme requires the students to cover 120 Credit Hours (180 ECTS Points) including On the Job Training and Internship.

This program recognizes the knowledge and skills required for various jobs in the tourism and hospitality outlets. The program course structure includes five main components: Basic Course, Core Course, Guest Lecture series, On the Job Training and Internship.

  1. The Basic Course focuses on fundamental areas of management. It includes courses on Introduction to Tourism, English, Computer Fundamentals and IT Application, Financial Accounting, Principles of Communication, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Business Statistics, German Elementary, Managerial Accounting, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, International Relations and Business, Financial Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Research Methods, Ecology & Microbiology, and Sociology & Psychology.
  2. The Core Course focuses on the functional areas of hotel operations and management. It includes courses on House Keeping Operations and Management, Front Office Operations, Food Service Management, Food Knowledge, Beverage Knowledge, Food Production Management, Principles of Cooking and Practical Cooking, Catering Science, Property Maintenance System, Property Management System - Fidelio, Hotel Accounting, Food and Beverage Service Practical, Yield Management, Hospitality Sales and Marketing, Banquet Operations and Management, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Hotel Law and Security, Convention and Exhibition Organization, and Showmanship.
  3. The Guest Lecture Series focuses on the sharing of ideas and experience with leading working professionals from different walks of life. The objective of this component is to enhance the executive skills and full potentials of the participants and provide an exposure and pathway to success.
  4. The On the Job Training focuses on practical training for which students will be attached to some hotel, restaurants and hospitality outlets to acquire actual work experience.
  5. The objective of the Internship or Industrial Exposure is also to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and the real life work experiences. The internship has been scheduled for 5th and 6th semester. Students will be required to write an Internship Report and a thesis on a certain topic assigned by school. Course Duration and Credit Requirements. The duration of Higher Diploma Program will be of Three Years Full Time. This includes two years of full time study and one year internship. This programme requires the students to cover 120 Credit Hours (180 ECTS Points) including On the Job Training and Internship.