FHS Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

FHS Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

3 years
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The FHS Diploma in Tourism Management program has been developed for students who aspire to management positions in tourism organizations in both the private and public sectors. It is a multidisciplinary program that explores Tourism from a social, economic and environmental perspective. The program provides a view to the students about the academic and the practical nature of this course. The students can not only gain competency in different management stream but they are also able to identify, judge and make an apt decision according to the need of the day.

Upon completion of graduation, the students will be able to:

  • Acquire adequate knowledge of principles and practices so as to succeed as a manager in the tourism industries.
  • Obtain basic technical and managerial and social skills and product knowledge necessary for a career in the tourism operations.
  • Gain the managerial skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this dynamic and challenging field of tourism.
  • Apply an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and decision making: the personal competence necessary for careers at managerial level.
  • Hold managerial positions in tourism industries with adequate knowledge and skills of management functions.
  • Develop leadership abilities and qualities possessed by the most successful global tourism industry leaders.
  • Gain knowledge and ability necessary to be an entrepreneur in the tourism industry.

Admission Criteria

Students have to undergo a three step process to fulfill the admission criteria:

  • Selected students have to sit for a written examination and psychometric test.
  • Students have to participate in a group discussion where a topic will be given by the invigilator.
  • Selected students will have to go through a one on one personal interview.

Curricular Structure

This program recognizes the knowledge and skills required for various jobs in the tourism outlets. The program course structure includes five main components - 

Basic Course:

The Basic Course focuses on the managerial component of tourism management

Core Course:

The Core Course focuses on the functional areas of tourism management.

Guest Lecture Series:

The Guest Lecture Series focuses on the sharing of ideas and experience with leading working professionals from different walks of life.

Management Workshop/Seminar:

The objective of Management Workshop/Seminar is to enhance the executive skills and develop full potentials of the students and provide an exposure and pathway to success.


The objective of the Thesis is to develop the capability of the students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills by reviewing literature, employing appropriate methods to collect date, reporting their findings and defending their research.