Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

4 years
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The Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) course has been designed to prepare the students to enter the hospitality industry as middle management level employees/managers/trainers and to serve in travel and tourism sectors. It is a four-year fulltime semester system course designed to produce professional human resource for the dynamically growing travel and tourism sector of Nepal. BTTM program explores the wide variety of services provided by today’s travel and tourism industry while developing the business knowledge and skills required for success in the private and public sector of tourism.

Upon completion of BTTM course the students will be able to:

  • gain an understanding of travel and tourism and its operation both theoretically and practically;
  • gain knowledge about not just the fundamentals of travel and tourism but also about the more advanced concepts related to the field;
  • gain knowledge about the policies related to travel and tourism;
  • understand tourism in the light of Nepalese society;
  • handle function of international tourist service operation including handling, managing and planning tours, treks, and rafting program;
  • handle domestic and international ticketing;
  • get employment in national as well as international market;
  • develop an entrepreneurship skill in the travel and tourism industry;
  • join higher level course in travel and tourism


Salient Features

Evaluation and Graduation

The evaluation of the students will be based on two components, internal evaluation - an ongoing evaluation by the concerning teachers and external examination -an annual examination at the end of the semester. The weight of evaluation 50 % internal and 50% external. The modalities of evolution shall be as per the following:

Type of Evaluation

Weight to Total Full Marks

Evaluation Methods



Case  Studies,  Term  Papers, Assignments, Presentations, Tests, Seminars



Written Test at the end of the Semester

The internal evaluation will jointly be conducted internally by the concerned teachers and the management of college that will include the performance in assignments, seminars, presentations, case studies, term papers, pre-board exam and so on. In order to qualify to appear in the annual examinations, students must meet the following requirements:

  • The Student must have a minimum 80% attendance of the classes actually held;
  • The students must have a passing grade (50%) in the internal evaluation;
  • No students will be allowed to appear in the next semester final examination without first appearing in the previous semester final examination.

 The grading system in the Semester examination is as follows:

  • Pass
  • Second division
  • First division
  • Distinction


Students applying for BTTM at Mid-West University must have:

  • Successfully completed 10+2 or equivalent in any academic stream recognized by Mid-West University;
  • Must have studied English at 10+2 level (100 marks);
  • Every eligible candidate has to pass the entrance test to be taken by the College.

Admission Criteria

Admission Procedure

Candidates seeking admission to BTTM courses should apply in the prescribed form for entrance test within the stipulated time. The applicants should enclose with the application form, attested copies of:

  • Certificate and testimonials of all examinations passed. Equivalency, Transfer and Character Certificates
  • Two recent passport size photographs.

Admission Test

Mid-West University shall conduct an admission test for BTTM level. The applicants will also be required to sit for an admission test designed to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program in the following areas

  • Group Discussion Presentation
  • Personal Interview

Curricular Structure

The Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) program is spread over a period of 8 semesters gaining 126 credit hours. The following is the course cycle for eight semesters with evaluation scheme:

1st Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 311 Principles of Management 3
BTTM 312 Fundamentals of Tourism 3
BTTM 313 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
BTTM 314 English 3
BTTM 315 Principles of Marketing 3
BTTM 316 Travel Service Operation Management I 3

2nd Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 321 Tourism Economics 3
BTTM 322 Computer & Information Technology 3
BTTM 323 Business Communication 3
BTTM 324 Language I (Chinese/French/Spanish) 3
BTTM 325 Travel Service Operation Management II 3
BTTM 326 Adventure Tourism 3

3rd Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 331 Language II (Chinese/French/ Spanish) 3
BTTM 332 Managerial Accounting for Travel and Tourism 3
BTTM 333 Sustainable Tourism Development 3
BTTM 334 Tourism Products Development 3
BTTM 335 Culture and Heritage Tourism in Nepal 3

4th Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 341 Business Finance 3
BTTM 342 Tourism and Environment 3
BTTM 343 Tourism Geography 3
BTTM 344 GDS (Global Distribution System) Ticketing 3
BTTM 345 Entrepreneurship Development in Tourism and Hospitality 3

5th  Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 351 Tourism Law 3
BTTM 352 E-Tourism 3
BTTM 353 Tourism Policy, Planning and Development 3
BTTM 354 Tour Guiding 3
BTTM 355 Human Resource Management for Travel and Tourism 3

6th Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 361 Marketing for Travel and Tourism 3
BTTM 362 Air Cargo Management 3
BTTM 363 Event Management 3
BTTM 364 Organizational Behaviour for Travel and Tourism 3
BTTM 365 Peace Tourism 3

7th Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 371 Strategic Management for Tourism 3
BTTM 372 Destination Management 3
BTTM 373 Statistics and Research Methodology 3
BTTM 374 Crisis and Disaster Management in Tourism 3
BTTM 375 Airlines Operation Management 3

8th Semester 

Code Subject Credit Hour
BTTM 381 Industrial attachment/ Internship Report 12 3
BTTM 382 Project Report 3