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Although it has come into existence recently, the School of Management (SOM) of Mid-Western University offers a dynamic environment, modern and forward looking. Regardless of whether students intend to study at undergraduate or graduate level, the Schools strives to create an intellectually challenging and stimulating atmosphere at all level, in a highly competitive setting.

The School of Management is committed to foster leadership with a deep understanding of business. With a constant focus on the changing employment world, the academic Programs of the School try to blend theoretical foundations of management with the practical requirements of the real job market. The School seeks to understand nature and directions of global change and provide solutions following an interdisciplinary approach based on teaching, scholarship and research.

The School aims at preparing business leaders and expert managers who will be in positions of leadership in industries and governments at national, regional and global level. It strives to become the gateway to success, foster academic excellence and spearhead the development of Management Education in Nepal, and elsewhere, by administering graduate and undergraduate programs in Management and Busi

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Salient features


  • Training young professionals and practicing managers for professional pursuits in business, industry, and government, as well as for leading and managing crucial functions in the society;
  • Preparing socially responsible and creative entrepreneurs able to handle business in a dynamic global environment and promoting industry and business for the socio- economic development of the country;
  • Providing innovative, practice oriented and industry relevant management programs, which cater to the needs of various social and economic sectors, and promote advanced management knowledge;
  • Offering foundation graduate and undergraduate programs that blend advanced management and business knowledge with sharp research skills;
  • Conducting research in the management field for enhancing knowledge and competencies of practicing managers;
  • Establishing cooperation and partnership with leading universities and management institutes overseas for conducting joint academic programs and research activities.

Scholarship information

Consistent with the rules of the Government of Nepal and Mid-Western University’s policies, scholarship funds will be activated in all the Faculties to provide financial assistance to needy but meritorious students. Basic requirements to be eligible for the scholarships shall be:

  • Having passed the SLC Examination from governmental schools;
  • Having passed the selection examination for the scholarship conducted by the University;
  • Student’s performance and academic records following the completion of the first semester.

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