Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies

4 years
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Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) program of Mid Western University is an  Eight semesters (4 years) program.

While studying and learning from a variety of dedicated lecturers and researchers, the University aims to help students to enhance their intellectual, interpersonal, and social capacity with the holistic development of a deeper understanding and determination of their future roles in society.

The key objectives of the BBS program at Faculty of Management, Mid-Western University are to:

  • facilitate the teaching-learning community with the empowerment of minimum required knowledge, skill competence, and attitude in a more pragmatic and holistic way,
  • provide with effective direction with resourcing support to promote research and innovation-based academic interventions in the field of management sciences,
  • promote a culture of building functional collaborations with the diverse industry actors for gaining program ownership from the wider spectrum of the society where we implement our program, and
  • produce pragmatic and professional managers for the future of the country and beyond.



Nepali and non-Nepali nationals with a 10+2 or intermediate degree or the equivalent of at least two years duration in any degree or equivalent of at least two years duration in any discipline with a minimum of 50 percent aggregate or CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0 from universities/boards recognized by Mid Western University

Admission Criteria

Following are the admission criteria for admission to BBS Program:

  • Completion of secondary level education in any discipline with at least Grade D+ in each subject (aggregate of both grades 11 and 12) in the grading system of evaluation, or having at least 45% aggregate in the percentage-based evaluation system.
  • Passed in Mid-Western University Central Admission Test (MWU-CAT):

Criteria for Grading in MWU-CAT

Secondary Level Results 100 pts
Written Test 100 pts
Group Discussion 50 pts
Total 250 pts

Curricular Structure

Syllabus of BBS at Mid-Western University

  Semester I  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 311 Principles of Management 3
MGMT 312 Business Communication 3
MGMT 313 Micro Economics 3
MGMT 314 Cost Accounting 3
MGMT 315 Marketing Management 3
  Total 15
  Semester II  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 321 Business Statistics - I 3
MGMT 322 Macro Economics 3
MGMT 323 Introduction to Finance – I 3
MGMT 324 Computers in Management 3
MGMT 325 Agri-Business Management 3
  Total 15
  Semester III  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 331 Company Accounts 3
MGMT 332 Co-operative Management 3
MGMT 333 Business Statistics - II 3
MGMT 334 Risk and Disaster Management 3
MGMT 335 E-commerce 3
  Total 15
  Semester IV  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 341 Introduction to Finance – II 3
MGMT 342 Human Resource Management 3
MGMT 343 Introduction to Sociology 3
MGMT 344 Business Law 3
MGMT 345 NGO Management 3
  Total 15
  Semester V  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 351 Management Accounting 3
MGMT 352 Research Methodology 3
MGMT 353 Business Environment in Nepal 3
MGMT 354 Tourism Management 3
MGMT 355 Production and Operation Management 3
  Total 15
  Semester VI  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 361 Business Ethics 3
MGMT 362 Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 363 Project Management 3
MGMT 364 Entrepreneurship 3
MGMT 365 Micro Finance in Nepal 3
  Total 15
  Semester VII  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 371 Managerial Personality Development 3
MGMT 372 International Business Environment 3
  Finance Group  
FIN 375 Financial Institutions and Market 3
FIN 376 Investment Analyses 3
  Account Group  
ACC 375 Taxation 3
ACC 376 Accounting for Financial Institutions 3
  Human Resource Management Group  
HRM 375 Human Resource Development 3
HRM 376 Industrial Relation and Labor Law 3
  Marketing Group  
MKT 375 Service Marketing 3
MKT 376 Sales Marketing 3
  Total 12
  Semester VIII  
Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MGMT 381 Project Report* 6
MGMT 382 Strategic Management 3
MGMT 383 Learning from Business Leaders 3
  Finance Group  
FIN 385 Corporate Finance 3
FIN 386 Banking and Insurance 3
  Account Group  
ACC 385 Introduction to Auditing 3
ACC 386 Business Accounting 3
  Human Resource Management Group  
HRM 385 Labor Welfare Management 3
HRM 386 Compensation Management 3
  Marketing Group  
MKT 385 Advertising Management 3
MKT 386 Retail Management 3
  Total 18