Atharva Business College



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Atharva Business College is located in Bansbari, Maharajgunj kathmandu Nepal. It is affiliated with Pokhara University and is offering Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) and Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM) programs. 

It was Founded in 2013 AD by the eminent academicians having rich educational experience.The ream of Atharva is totally focused ,committed and result oriented.


Atharva envisions becoming a renowned center for learning that provides abundant opportunities for the learners who want to lead the world. To become a leading institution producing the globally competitive human resource is our vision.


Promote a learning environment to students to explore their potentialities to fit in speedy developing business administrative with the knowledge and skill acquired through oriented learning activities, Atharva enhances opportunities to learn to be thoughtful and responsible manager ,entrepreneurs and leaders to lead the society.

College Time:

Students can join classes  as follow:

BHCM: Morning 6;30 to 12 pm

BHM: Morning 10:00am to 4:00 pm and for 

BBA: Morning 6;30 to 12 pm 

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