Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration

4 years
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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares graduates to seek employment in entry-level positions in various industries of budgeting, accounting, payroll, personnel, computer systems, risk management, facilities planning, and management.

The performance outcomes that are required for the completion of the program include class participation, response to discussion questions, writing research papers, group assignments, case study analyses, project work, and Professional Learning Assessment and Comprehensive Learning Assessments.

BBA Program Learning Outcomes

The following are the educational Program Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of
Business Administration:

  • Differentiate and discuss the functional components of business – economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, and management
  • Demonstrate effective presentation of business analyses and recommendations through written forms of communication appropriate to the intended audience
  • Demonstrate effective presentation of business analyses and recommendations through oral communication of conventions and forms appropriate to the intended audience
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize the need for information, be able to identify, locate, evaluate, share and apply the information effectively to facilitate problem- solving and decision-making
  • Illustrate the value of diversity when developing a global perspective
  • Use independent, critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems and apply problem-solving abilities 
  • Employ a sense of ethics and values which can be applied in a personal and professional environment
  • Construct and apply aspects of team development and construct for the purpose of solving business problems and attaining organizational goals
  • Analyze business problems through quantitative reasoning and methods by obtaining, evaluating and interpreting the data

BBA Concentration Areas

King's College offers a range of concentrations under a BBA program. Those are:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Investment & Economics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Applied Art and Design
  • FinTech
  • Business Analytics

Financial Management

This concentration focuses on investments and the workings of financial institutions. Students will study topics such as corporate and global finance, and financial and technical feasibility analysis of a project or program. This concentration provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses.

Marketing Management

The BBA program in Marketing equips students with essential knowledge and skills for success in the dynamic field. It covers market research, consumer behavior, branding, advertising, digital marketing, and strategic planning. Through theoretical coursework, case studies, and hands-on projects, students gain proficiency in analyzing trends, targeting audiences, and creating effective campaigns. Graduates pursue diverse marketing careers in brand management, research, sales, advertising, and digital marketing.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources concentration focuses on employee selection, training, management development, industrial relations, compensation, and the dynamics of organizational behavior. Students are prepared to become human resources practitioners in high-performing organizations. They will demonstrate competency in critical areas, including business practices, making strategic contributions to an organization, and effective management of the human resources department.

Digital Marketing

This program provides students with the skill set to leverage digital marketing platforms such as social media and search engines. Students will learn about marketing, communication, and analytical knowledge, and will investigate ways to engage company audiences, clients, and consumers to sell products and grow. 

Applied Art and Design

BBA Applied Arts and Design at King’s College is designed to provide students with business and management education that is coupled with a critical appreciation for Arts and Creativity. This course is designed to develop a creative entrepreneurial mindset by blending professional business skills highly desired by the industry with critical and dynamic parts of liberal arts education.  By undertaking this course students will hone their abilities to identify the prospects for developing innovative solutions and creating
entrepreneurial ventures.


The FinTech specialized BBA program is a degree to foster financial entrepreneurs to lead toward innovation in financial services through technology-enabled platforms. It provides essential knowledge in the domain of both finance and technology that covers Introduction to Financial Technology, Retail Bank Management, Distributed Ledger, Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Blockchain Technologies, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Management, and Innovative Payment Solutions or Electronic Payments Systems. However, the program ensures to provide hands-on knowledge and experience in trends and practices that are currently taking place around the world in the field of Financial Technology. The program will be focused on rising technologies and their applications in the FinTech industry. The specialization program is aimed at developing professionals who can lead and manage BFIs that are delivering services to customers with enabled technological platforms.

Business Analytics

The BBA Business Analytics program at King’s College focuses on the systematic collection of data and development of data sets, data analysis through statistical and other techniques, and most importantly, the interpretation and effective communication of insights gained from data to inform strategic organizational decisions.

Curricular Structure

Course Structure of BBA Westcliff University

General Education

(16 × 3) = 48 Credits

Business Majors

(20 × 3) = 60 Credits


(4 × 3) = 12 Credits


120 Credits

Course Duration

Four years

General Education of BBA Westcliff University

  • English Composition
  • English Literature
  • College Algebra
  • Human Geography
  • Human Civilizations
  • Art History
  • World Politics
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • International Relations
  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Environmental Science
  • Introduction to Communication
  • World Religions
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Business Majors

  • Foundations of Business 
  • Principles of Accounting 
  • Concepts of Microeconomics 
  • Concepts of Macroeconomics 
  • Introduction to Business Writing 
  • Introduction to Business Law Foundations of Statistics
  • Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Leadership 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Essentials of Corporate Finance 
  • Introduction to Information Systems 
  • Fundamentals of Decision Making 
  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Introduction to Sales Management
  • The Essentials of Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Introduction to Business Research
  • The Necessities of International Marketing & Culture
  • Development of Business Strategy

Financial Management

  • Financial Institutions & Market
  • Working Capital Management
  • Investment Decision
  • Corporate Financial Decisions

Marketing Concentration

  • Mass Media & Communications
  • Principles of Branding
  • Consumer Behavior

Human Resource Management Concentration

  • Performance Management
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • Management of labor relations