Administrative Services Managers

Last updated January 01, 2015

In many ways, administrative services managers are at the center of the action. From making sure new employees have workstations to overseeing renovations, these managers make sure offices remain productive.

Think of them as stage directors, choreographers, or conductors: they coordinate the efforts of many into a smoothly performing whole.

Administrative services managers supervise staff and manage office operations. Some specialize in facilities, managing buildings as varied as office high-rises, sports arenas, and shopping malls.

“I consider myself something of a caregiver, like a mother. It's not only the physical things that people need. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to them.” Alison, Office-Administration Manager

Are You Ready To...?

  • Hire, fire, and manage a staff of assistants, interns, and secretaries
  • Make sure new hires have everything they need
  • Oversee the renovation of an entire building
  • Organize the company holiday party
  • Meet with construction contractors
  • Create a filing system
  • Read blueprints
  • Help resolve employee disputes
  • Balance the books if you work for a small business
  • Order supplies
  • Make sure bills are paid

It Helps To Be...

Organized, alert, and aware. You’ll need to notice everything -- from the number of message pads in the supply closet to the people who call in sick too often.

Make High School Count

  • Pay attention in English and polish your written communication skills.
  • Sign up for classes in business, accounting, computers, and drafting to start building skills you’ll use on the job.
  • Try a psychology class to learn more about human nature.
  • Intern with or work for a local business, learning how to answer phones, write business letters, and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Did You Know?

A background in architecture, engineering, or construction management will come in handy if you work as a facility manager.