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  1. Description

Presidential Business School (PBS) is an academic institution founded in 2011 AD (initial affiliation from International American University), with the objective of establishing itself as a model center for the prime Management Studies in Nepal. In 2015 AD, PBS shifted the affiliation to Westcliff University as a partner school.

Realizing that Nepali students migrate abroad for higher studies with the USA always as the first priority PBS has decided to provide international degrees in Nepal with state of art facilities and international exposure giving access to corporate practices and an environment to students to become professionals with effective support of leaders from the local reputed business and corporate houses.

VISION  PBS has before it the vision of transforming the lives of individuals by inculcating critical thinking techniques as well as engendering a sense of good culture, self-awareness and moral/ social responsibility. This vision will be dedicated both to the development of globally competitive human resources and to the rebuilding of a nation that exerts enough leverage—economic or otherwise— to be factored in global affairs. As such, PBS remains  committed  to  providing  locally  honored  and  internationally  recognized  business  education  for undergraduate and graduate  students of management.

The programs of study we offer have an exclusively personalized attention to students, an integrated and updated curriculum, and selfless dedication of the faculty, which as a composite then ultimately helps create an extraordinary classroom environment and boost career prospects for our graduates.


  1. A  learning  environment  is  promoted  to  discover  the  leaders  of tomorrow  who  are  thoughtful  and  responsible  managers, entrepreneurs, and complete professionals.
  2. The recruitment and retention of exceptional students are ensured by sustaining high-quality performance and by strategically communicating with all stakeholders. Emphasis is put on a rigorous curriculum, the qualified faculty, student services, job placement, student mentoring, and commitment to students in an energizing learning environment.
  3. The faculty, the staff and the administration initiate and cultivate interactive student mentoring practices for the support of the academic and professional development of students, encouraging the students  to  internalize personal  responsibility,  to develop an effective  problem-solving  aptitude,  and  to  make  an  ethical judgment.
  4. In support of long-term individual growth and college-wide progress, the faculty and the staff are afforded an opportunity and resources to pursue personal/ professional activities linked directly to identifiable and desired organizational goals.

PBS Pursue

• Honesty in work • Sincerity in relationships • Respect for self and others • Responsibility for one’s actions • Willingness to learn from mistakes • Adherence to regulations • Care for resources • Questioning spirit • Competence and development • Social values and nationalism • Change

Contact Address

Presidential Business School PO Box No: 25840, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal