International Master of Business Administration

International Master of Business Administration

2 years

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) is a British MBA degree program given locally by the Herald International College in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton. The IMBA at Herald program, which is billed as Nepal's most affordable British MBA degree program, is designed to enhance the student experience.

The degree program is structured to prepare students for careers in international business management. The goal of the course is to assist students to build skills and knowledge of the local, regional, and global business landscapes.

The course is meant to broaden students' knowledge and comprehension of the current business environment on a local, regional, and international scale. The training focuses on three critical areas to do this: stakeholder management, strategic management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Curricular Structure

Module of the Course Structure

  • 7BE011: Masters Learning
  • 7AC006: Managing Financial Performance – 20 Credits
  • 7BE003: Creativity and Innovation in Business – 20 Credits
  • 7HR007: Contemporary Issues in International HRM – 20 Credits
  • 7MG001: Independent Business Analysis Project  – 60 credits
  • 7BE001: Strategic Business Planning – 20 Credits
  • 7BU003: Operations and Project Management – 20 Credits
  • 7MK003: Global marketing – Strategy and Practice – 20 Credits
  • 7BE005: The Entrepreneurial Change Agent – 20 Credits