Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Limkokwing University, Malaysia

Limkokwing University, Malaysia


4 year(s)

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) AT CGIM is a four year, eight semester program (126 credits hours) that enhances an individual’s capacity to succeed in whatever career s/he chooses to pursue.

This BBA programme affiliated to Limkokwing University, is exclusively designed to assist students identify, understand and harness their full &unique potential. The programme is exclusively designed to assist students identify, understand and harness their full & unique potential. BBA program at CGIM prepares you for more than a career in business and management. It trains you for life. It develops your ability to think critically, to analyze data, to make recommendations, and to communicate effectively. Besides knowledge, it creates an environment to explore and enhance your ability and skills, and builds confidence to create good citizen.

Salient features

Class Timings: The regular class for the program is arranged between 7:00 AM to 12:00 Noon through Sunday to Friday.

Fee Structure

The program cost per student will be Rs. 773,800 for the four-year program for regular students. Each student shall pay all fees due for a semester at the beginning of the semester. The breakdown of the semester wise fee will be as follows:

Fee Structure: BBA (August Intake 2015)

Year 1AugNovFebMayTotal
Admission Fee55,000 55,000
Security Deposit10,000 10,000
Tution Fee36,00036,00036,00036,000144,000
LUCT and MoE Fee 33,200 33,200
Year 2AugNovFebMayTotal
Tution Fee36,00036,00036,00036,000144,000
LUCT and MoE Fee 33,200 33,200
Year 3AugNovFebMayTotal
Tution Fee36,00036,00036,00036,000144,000
LUCT and MoE Fee 33,200 33,200
Year 4AugNovFebMayTotal
Tution Fee36,00036,00036,00036,000144,000
LUCT and MoE Fee 33,200 33,200
Grand Total209,000276,800144,000144,000773,800

* 320 USD is to be paid to University annually as Registration fees and 12 USD @ Rs. 100 is to be paid to MoE.

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To be eligible for applying to study an undergraduate program at CGIM, you must have a CGPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 point scale or the second division of 45% and 12 years of formal schooling in any discipline.

Curricular structure

Semester 1
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Introduction to Business ManagementBBB1114Core4
2Financial Accounting FundamentalsBBA1114Core4
3Computer Application for BusinessBIS1582Minor2
4Business Communication Skills 1BBL1112Minor2
5Co- Curriculumn 1( Business Mathematics-I)UCC1113Compulsory3
Total Credits Semester 115
Semester 2
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Principles of MarketingBBM1114Core4
2Business MathematicsBBI1214Core4
4Business Communication Skills 2BBL2342Minor2
5Co- Curriculumn 2 ( Nepalese Business Environment)UCC1123Compulsory3
Total Credits Semester 217
Semester 3
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Business StatisticsBBI1224Core4
2Organizational BehaviorBBB1124Core4
3Macroeconomics for Business AnalysisBBI2224Core4
4Fundamental of EntreprenuershipBBE2114Core4
5Co- Curriculumn 3 ( Logic and Decision Making)UCC1133Compulsory3
Total Credits Semester 319
Semester 4
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Human Resource ManagementBBI1224Major3
2Financial Management 1BBB1124Major3
3Commercial LawBBI2224Major3
4Business EthicsBBE2114Core4
5Operation ManagementUCC1133Major3
Total Credits Semester 416
Semester 5
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Financial Management 2BBK2233Major3
2Corporate GovernanceBBI2324Major4
3Business PlanningBBE3323Major3
4Creativity and Innovation in BusinessBBE3513Major3
Total Credits Semester 519
Semester 6
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Managerial AccountingBBA2234Core4
2Research MethodsBBB3313Major3
3Malaysian/Personal TaxationBBA3413Major3
4Management Information SystemBIS3213Major3
5Directed Elective*Elective3
*Directed Elective:Finance – Financial Markets and Institutions

Marketing – Product and Brand Management

Total Credits Semester 616
Semester 7
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
1Corporate LawBBB3233Major3
2Strategic ManagementBBB3193Major3
3Project Management for BusinessBBB3323Major3
4Investment AnalysisBBK3413Major3
5Service Operations ManagementBBB3173Major3
Total Credits Semester 715
Semester 8
S.No.Subject NameCodeClasificationCredit Hour
2Global Human Resource ManagementBBB3413Major3
Total Credits Semester 89
Total Credits to Graduate126


  1. Please note that should your institution be required to have compulsory national modules, you can (with our approval) replace 1 or 2 co-curricular modules with such modules.
  2. Internship of less than a full semester can be planned together with 1 or 2 modules.
  3. Directed Elective is related to the area of studies or specialization. Faculty to recommend 3 subjects from existing modules in any Bachelor level programmes (assuming you have existing bachelor programmes, otherwise we can provide the list of 3 modules for every semester or year).
  4. Personal Taxation using Local Tax Law (same with Corporate Law)
  5. Please note that minimum total credits required for graduation is 120.