Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

4 years

The BBA is a four-year undergraduate degree delivered by Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland. The initiative has received complete permission from the Ministry of Education of Nepal.

The BBA program satisfies the students' needs in terms of their desire to learn about both themselves and the professional environment in which they live. Young minds are eager to discover new information and concepts. The BBA program supports this exploratory journey and helps students realize their full potential.

Essential business skills, including strategy, leadership, managing people and operations, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management, are all things that a business management student will learn. The most recent research techniques are used to inform the instruction given to students.


Successful completion or fair expectation to complete Higher Secondary or equivalent before the session begins. For all equivalence-related issues, reference will be made to records maintained at the Higher Secondary Education Board or Tribhuvan University as applicable.

Admission Criteria

Computer Based Test – CBT

The entire CBT and each component within have predetermined maximum time limits. CBT as a tool allows candidates to demonstrate their reductive reading and logical reasoning skills along with the ability to solve math with resourcefulness and insight. Principally, CBT aims to allow applicants to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks independently with time constraints.

Personal Interview

Although a positive indicator of interest, an invitation to the interview does not guarantee admission; the interview is one of many elements considered before making a final admission decision. As a tool, it is used by the admission committee to understand an applicant better through a conversation.

Curricular Structure

First Year [120 Credits]

Module Code Module Title Credits
M1N627146 Enterprising Behaviors for the Business Professional 20
M1N627147 Essentials of Managing Human Resources 20
M1N527167 Principles of Marketing 20
M1L127171 International Economics Issues and Challenges 20
M1N326692 Fundamentals of Financial Management 20
M1L127157 Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis 20

Second Year [120 Credits]

Module Code Module Title Credits
M2N227152 Ethics & Responsible Leadership 20
M2N227154 Management Issues & Concepts 20
M2N427153 Financial Management for Decision Makers 20
M2N227155 Project Management and Risk 20
M2N227156 Learning & Development for Individuals, Organisations & Society 20
M2N525513 Social Media Marketing 20

Third Year [120 Credits]

Module Code Module Title Credits
M3N227159 Entrepreneurship for Business, Society and the Professions 20
M3N227160 International Business Strategy 20
M3N227161 Contemporary Employment Relations 20
M3N227163 Operations Management 20
M3N227162 Business Research Methods: Theory and Practice 20
M3N327164 Work Placement Experience 20

Fourth Year [120 Credits]

Module Code Module Title Credits
MHN227166 Dissertation 40
MHN227178 Management of Innovation and Creativity 20
MHN627179 Leading Organisations in a Changing Global Context 20
MHN127180 Managing Sustainable Business Excellence 20
MHN527173 International Advertising Strategy 20