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Engineering Colleges Face Decline in Enrollment

December 12, 2023
Engineering Colleges Face Decline in Enrollment

There is a noticeable decline in student interest across various institutes and faculties affiliated with Tribhuvan University, reputed for its quality education.  Even the prestigious Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU, is facing a shortage of students in several programs for the academic session 2080. Affiliated colleges under the Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU are actively reaching out to Class 12 graduates daily, seeking admissions.

The Institute of Engineering (IOE), TU, offers education in 12 subjects at the graduate level across 5 constituent and 10 affiliated campuses. The university provides instruction in civil, electrical, electronics, computer, mechanical, automobile, geomatics, industrial and agricultural, architecture, aerospace, and chemical engineering, with a total capacity of 4,348 seats.

Constituent Colleges

Colleges Name Total Seats Unfilled Seats
Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur 624 116
Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara 432 184
Purbanchal Campus, Dharan 528 215
Thapathali Campus, Thapathali 432 234
Chitwan Engineering Campus, Rampur, Chitwan 24 (Architecture Only) 7

In the current academic session, only a limited number of students have applied for admission so far. The Dean's Office reports that many colleges have failed to reach students as per the schedule, and this shortage is observed not only on private but also on official campuses. Approximately 31 percent of students receive scholarships based on various criteria, while there are 1,400 fee-paying students.

Affiliated Colleges

Colleges Name Total Seats Unfilled Seats
Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu 384 288
Kantipur Engineering College, Lalitpur 288 278
Himalaya College of Engineering 240 196
Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur 336 228
National College of Engineering, Lalitpur 240 196
Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur 192 144
Janakpur Engineering College 192 192
Khwopa College of Engineering, Bhaktapur 192 192
Sagarmatha Engineering College, Lalitpur 114 139
Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur 96 92

Prominent institutions, such as Pulchowk Engineering College, have 116 vacant seats, Paschimanchal Campus in Pokhara has 148 vacant seats, Purbanchal Campus in Dharan has 215, Thapathali Campus has 234, and Chitwan Engineering Campus in Rampur, Chitwan, has 234 vacant seats. Several private colleges are also struggling due to a lack of students.

During the entrance exam for the academic year 2080–81, about 20 percent of the applicants did not take the exam. According to Professor Dr. Sushil Bahadur Bajracharya, Assistant Dean of the Institute of Studies and Chairman of the Entrance Examination Board, only 8,000 students out of 10,000 applicants passed the entrance examination in 2080. Compared to the previous year (2079), 9,400 students applied for the examination, and 10 percent chose not to take the exam.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Shivlal Bhusal claims that most students attended the program, except for a few. Private college administrators assert that only one or two seats are vacant in some programs. In addition to Tribhuvan University, other universities like Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, Mid-West University, Lumbini Buddhist University, and Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology have the capacity to teach approximately 10 thousand students annually.

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