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Recognitions and Accreditation

Janakpur Engineering College was established in 2063 under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. At present the college provides Bachelor Level Engineering Education in the field of Civil Engineering (96 Seats),  Computer Engineering (48 seats) Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering (48 Seats). A key promise of engineering education for 21st century is to produce a livable society and sustain the global environment from degradation.

The mission of Janakpur Engineering College (JEC) is to provide an education to the students in the above mentioned fields of engineering so that they can feel and create a safe and affluent social system maintaining an earth-friendly perspective. Apart from regular education we organize various training programs, consultancy services and research activities. The education offered by JEC is such that the students after completion of the course can independently solve the problems of national relevance and compete in the international jobs as well.

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Janakpur Engineering College
Tathali, Bhaktapur