Padmodaya Public Secondary School, Ghorahi

Bharatpur, Ghorahi, Dang



Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School, Dang is both English and Nepali medium co-educational school established in 2004 BS. The School has been declared as Model Public Secondary School with well managed teaching and learning environment in 2062 BS.

It runs from Nursery to Grade 12 including CTEVT Annex Program from 2059 BS. It focuses on both foundation and college level students with quality education. Understanding the importance of English language, it has both English and Nepali medium instruction in teaching. The school offers Diploma in Automobile Engineering with the affiliation from CTEVT.


To provide quality technical training (Knowledge & Skill) targeted for participants in mid western region of the country.


The core focus of the organization is to change the life status of  people from marginalized ground and disadvantaged group through technical training.

Goals/ Objectives:

  • To increase skilled man power in Rapti zone, make organizational image in nation, decrease unemployment in nation
  • To increase access of dalits, women, marginalized group and disadvantaged group through
  • To give employment in nation through vocational training for unskilled youths.
  • To conduct training for unemployed youths who want to employ themselves in district or nation.
  • To identify local resources on proper utilization for job placement.


Padmodaya Campus
Padmodaya Campus
  • Ghorahi, Adwait marg, Ghorahi, Dang