Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering (Computer Sub-Overseer) - CTEVT

Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering program is designed to produce competent workforce equipped with skills, knowledge and attitudes in the field of computer engineering. Graduates of this program will be capable to provide services in the growing information and communication field and development industries, government institutions, local as well as international non-governmental organisations.
They also can start their own business.


The program aims is preparing competent basic level workforce in the field of computer engineering.


  • After completing this curricular program, the graduates will be able to:
  • help to uplift the awareness about the ICT;
  • work in the fast growing field of ICT industries, government institutions, local as well as international and non-governmental organisations;
  • process the related data;
  • develop small programs on graphic design and web development; and
  • create self-employment opportunity to reduce the unemployment problems which helps to alleviate the poverty in the country. 

Salient features

Target group

The target group for this pre SLC intake curricular program is all the interested individuals of the country who have SLC passed.

Target location

The target location of this program will be all over Nepal.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for this training program will be Nepali or English or both.

Pattern of Attendance

The students should have 80% attendance in theory classes and 90% in practical/ performance classes to be eligible for internal assessments and final examinations.

Group size

The group size of this program is not more than 40.


Individuals who meet the following criteria are allowed to enter into this program:

  • SEE pass
  • Students should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT 

Curricular structure

This course is completed within 15 months (12 months on institution + 3 months on the job training (OJT). The duration is 52 weeks/1560 hours for each year on institution and 12 weeks/480 hours on-the-job assignment for issuing successful completion of the course.