Junior Computer Technician

Junior Computer Technician

1 year 3 months

Junior Computer Technician is a 15 months program run by CTEVT. Students who have passed SLC exam can enroll for this program. 



For SLC Passed the duratio of the course is 15 months but for SLC failed students the duration of the course is 29 months. 


Job Prospects

The computerization of each manual activities leads to increase the demand of computer technicians. Presently, almost all banking and business companies adopting computerized web-based system in their transaction process which is also gradually followed by government agencies to replace manual system by web-based system.

The demand of computer technicians also depends upon the tendency of general public to adopt computer-based system and the growth rate of both service sector and industrial sectors. 

Current available statistics provide enough ground to assume the rising demand of computer technicians in the coming years.