Himalayan Academy



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  1. Description

Himalayan Academy was established in the year 1995 with a view to provide the internationally standard education in the Nepalese soul which is located at the heart of the Kathmandu Metropolis, Kapurdhara, Kathmandu. 

It is promoted by the staunch and veteran educationist, social worker and business entrepreneur Mr. Krishna Simkhada, who has been in the field of education for more than two scores of years. The school is affiliated with District Education Office and National Education Board DEO/National Education Board NEB respectively and provides Ten Plus Two in Management and Humanities. 

The School has graduated thousands of students since its establishment and they have gone to the higher studies and professional works around the globe. It has got the consortium and the arrays of professional, psychologically motivated and dedicated teachers who groom up and train the young scholars to be an accountable member for a family; a society and the ambassadors of peace and love to the entire humanity. The school has produced the requirement of the efficient human resources at various fields and at large in different rated universities at national and international levels.

Mission & Vision:

The school works on imparting globally competent education and student-friendly environment where students are treated as those having inquisitive minds. 

The team of teachers and administrative staff principally target at involving students in all academic activities carried out in the school. The students are provided with sufficient reference study materials, practical field trips, lab activities, etc. With an aim to promote them to successfully stand against all possible shortcomings in their future career. 

Besides, the school conducts a number of counselling classes/workshops/seminars, etc in order to orient students to enhance their academic performances at all levels. 

The school principally focuses on imparting globally competent high-quality education students equipped with high moral and humanitarian sensibilities through the application of all possible means. Similarly, producing efficient future manpower for the all-round development of the country is another focus of the school. 


Himalayan Academy envisages if a man/woman changes into the human being, the world can be a better place to live in. Himalayan Academy products will come up with uncanny possibilities of problem-solving skills and analytical minds through which they shall be able to live a beautiful life and make this blue planet to be unique and safe at the corner of the vastness of the universe. it is well-known fact that a country’s development is measured by how technical and applied education the citizens have been provided with. our experience and the demand of the time the school intends to introduce unique educational programs with both theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously. quality education is not merely a buzzword; rather the skills are required to be a competitive global citizen which will certainly be the milestone for the nation-building process can be acquired at Himalayan.