Kathmandu Valley Secondary School



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This is an invitation for you and your family to visit us and experience the Kathmandu Valley H. S. School (KVHSS). The school is managed by highly professional, internationally trained educators and experts. There is an extremely happy and relaxed family atmosphere, and every child is given a sense of belonging. A caring classroom allows learning to flow in both directions. Teachers and students can explore together the respect for one another that is essential to sustain group life.

Kathmandu Valley H. S. School is well known for its excellent academic achievements and sporting reputation, maintaining the highest standards. Education as we perceive at Kathmandu Valley H. S. School is definitely child-centered, thus our classes are small with a smaller teacher students ratio ensuring the very best level of individual attention.

When we adults think of children, there is a simple truth, which we ignore, childhood is not preparation for life; childhood is life itself. The environment and company in which children grow is undoubtedly a major factor in determining their conduct the rest of their lives. Kathmandu Valley H. S. School provides the ideal settings, a happy and healthy atmosphere where every child feels safe and secure, gains in confidence and develops self-reliance, self-respect and self-esteem.

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