Gyankunj School

Machha Gate, Ravibhawan, Kathmandu

PG - 12


Gyankunj School is situated at the top of beautiful hillock popularly known as Machhagate Ravibhawan, surrounded by the unpolluted, perfectly hygienic serene natural environment. 

It was established by a group of academic professionals in the year 1990 A.D. in order to design, discover and deliver a scientific as well as practical education. 

Gyankunj proudly offers pre-school, school, and +2 programs. It offers Ten Plus Two courses on Science, Management and Humanities with the affiliation from National Examination Board (NEB).

Owning to the strong commitment and devotion to academic excellence, the school is recognized as the Center for Excellence in Teaching/ Leaning, Training, Research and Development. Gyankunj is best for those who want to get need-based education of contemporary time.

Gyankunj institution has undoubtedly come a long way within a short span of time. It aims at providing students with the education that can increase their knowledge, prospects and sense of achievement at affordable cost. 

The school strives to maximize academic success of each individual and offers a wide range of course leading to internationally recognized qualification.


The real goal of Gyankunj school is to help the child grow and develop as a complete human being by the means of knowledge; for what matters most, is their sheer determination and desire to excel. The main goal is to "carve and shape the child into the perfect child: a child completely distinct and whole, happy, sound, successful, innovative and independent so as to be able to compete in modern global context.


  • to develop and sharpen children's inner potentials/ strengths.
  • to ensure their success in school, in practical life and in the society.
  • to enhance their physical and mental efficiency
  • to mold them in a well behaved and capable citizen so as to be able to meet the requisites of survival in the complex modern world
  • to place them by their dream, desire and destination
  • to make them globally acceptable and suitable from both academic and athletic perspectives

Salient Features

  • Application of AI (Appreciative Inquiry) in its teaching methodology
  • A team of expert, experienced, dedicated and renowned academic professionals
  • Outstanding SEE result with top scorers in every years
  • Well planned instructional program
  • Constant monitoring and evaluation of pupil progress
  • Regular diagnostic evaluation and prescriptive teaching for student
  • Homely academic environment
  • Emphasis on the development of child's 3 H's: Head (mentally), Heart (Devotion) and Hands (skills i.e. physically)
  • Proper career counselling and ideal guidance
  • Special care to excellent aspirants in academic and behavioral aspects
  • Various extra-curricular activities for developing children's full potential
  • Hard and fast discipline for the moral, academic and social excellence
  • Emphasis on team-work and spirit
  • Inter-relationship of home and school
  • Individual care and support to needy students
  • Class-wise "Parents - Teachers - Administration Interaction Programs"

Admission Guidelines

After filling up the Admission Form, the students have to attend and pass the school entrance exam. Thereafter, the parents/ guardians are invited for interaction.

The following documents must be submitted at the time of admission:

  • Mark Sheet of the final examination
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (If possible)
  • Three copies of photo (passport size)

For +2:

Students who have passed SEE or equivalent are eligible to apply under the minimum criteria of B+ aggregate grade for Science, C+ grade for Management, and D+ for Humanities. 


Gyankunj values the need of educational opportunity to meritorious students. It offers following scholarships and awards on merit basis and need basis.

Merit Based Scholarships:

The school has open policy for the scholarships based on the merits earned by the labor of the concerned students.

  • Grade Toppers Scholarships from class 1-10
  • Entrance Topper Scholarship

Financial Aid-Need Based:

In order to get financial aid, students must fill up the financial aid form and write an application justifying the reason to seek aid with all credentials that are genuinely supportive. Students get financial aid as:

  • Chairperson Scholarship
  • Principal Scholarship
  • Poor and Intelligent Scholarships
  • Disabled Students Scholarships
  • Remote Area Scholarships
  • Martyrs' Children Scholarships


Gyankunj College
Gyankunj College
  • Ravibhawan, Kathmandu