Euro School

Hattigaunda, Ganesh Chowk, Kathmandu
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Salient Features


  • Spacious and well-ventilated classroom supported by adequate lighting 
  • The ergonomically designed desks and chairs to encourage students to follow good and healthy seating postures


  • Spacious library with huge floor spaces to accommodate a large number of titles
  • It is well-stocked with an eclectic collection of age–appropriate Indian and International storybooks, novels, activity books, picture books, educational & reference books
  • The library also possesses a recording studio where children can record live plays and songs in their own voice

Computer Center:

  • The ICT Lab possesses the latest computer systems connected to a central main server equipped with a range of original software applications
  • High-speed internet connectivity in the ICT Lab enables teachers and students to browse the web and aid them in their acquisition of information
  • The large numbers of workstations at our ICT Lab ensure that each student enjoys individual access to dedicated computers


  • Euro School has state-of-the-art laboratories for Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • The Laboratories are equipped with the most modern tools and equipment




  • Spacious outdoor playground for all students as well as a dedicated outdoor play area for pre-primary students
  • The playground houses facilities for playing cricket & football apart from specially designed basketball & tennis courts

About Us

Euro School, located at New Colony, Hattigaunda, Kathmandu is a balanced modern school dedicated to produce bright minds for future Nepal. The school has adopted a forward-thinking approach to learning which reflects in its modern facilities that includes Computer lab and Smart Class System, fully equipped Science Labs, besides a host of new generation teaching aids. Euro School aims shaping a child to be a responsible global citizen while retaining the rich Nepali ethos.

Euro school follows the SLC Board of Govt. of Nepal but students also have the option of choosing to get the accreditation of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of Govt. of India. 

Teachers are one of the most valuable partners in the school's mission and vision as they are the caretakers and facilitators The real strength of Euro School lies in the collective talent of exceptionally well-trained and dedicated faculty. Teachers in this this school use new ideas, new systems and new approaches for the enhancing knowledge and betterment of the children. They are extremely empathetic, enthusiastic and open to change as well.

The Euro School curriculum discourages rote learning. The curriculum encourages students to take active part in the learning process through a unique LRPA model that makes learning stress free and enjoyable. This 4 pronged approach denotes how each concept, be it mathematical, scientific or linguistic, gets rooted in the students.

  • Learning of the concept in the classroom followed by
  • Reinforcement of the concept through Audio-Visual media,followed by
  • Practice through projects and experiments and most important followed by
  • Applications of the given concept in real life

The latest teaching methodologies and pedagogies are followed to effectively address the curriculum and create an ideal environment for learning. Euro School encourages and focuses on individual's aptitudes and strengths. Students are encouraged to focus on their interest and skills for the better future. It follows the system of continuous assessment, a unique methodology for evaluating students' performance. It comprises of one or all of the following:

Observation: Using specific criteria to record the presence or absence of knowledge, co-operative learning skills, extent of participation, interest in the topic and material, psychomotor skills and levels of motivation.

Assessment: On- going assessment of an activity in class on a day-to-day basis Appropriate assessment of the given task that would involve manipulation of words, materials, ideas or concepts.

Written Assignments: Anecdotal records on the development of specific skills related to instructional objectives or the attitude expressed or demonstrated by a pupil towards learning.

At Euro School, it strives to achieve a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, between theoretical and practical learning, between national curriculum and new generation teaching aids and more importantly shaping a child to be a responsible global citizen while retaining the rich Nepali ethos. The school is a center, a laboratory, where students develop ideas and understanding pursuit, passion and dreams and hold themselves and their classmates accountable for shared and individual work.


Its endeavor is to provide learning experiences through the provision of -

  • Differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs which stimulate and develop each child’s abilities to his or her highest potential.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated teachers who are result oriented through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, coaching, mentoring and collaboration.
  • A learning environment that is responsive to students’ voices. Enriching and engaging resources.
  • Opportunities for parents and guardians to take an active part in learning and decision making policies.


The school has a vision is to be a premier global educational institution by providing a broader, bolder, holistic and more meaningful education. It strives to cultivate all round qualities in a student through excellence in education that shall foster academic understanding, brilliance, spiritual well being, psychological strengths, resourcefulness and creative skills, social responsibility and concern for one’s environment.


Message from the Principal

Shailaja Adhikary

Euro School is the first school to provide personalized education in Nepal. We are the first to introduce Global SAP, a systematic approach to education which focuses on bringing out the best in every child. We believe every child matters. Our curriculum is based on the Principle of 'Compete With Yourself.' When the child knows what his/her strengths are and where the weaknesses lie and how that weakness can be dealt with, it makes a whole lot of difference in the learning process. As the child knows his/her effort can make all the difference, the input will be incredible. Learning will no more be a competition with others, but with oneself. Our teachers are trained to facilitate learning and to work with advanced and accelerated methods of teaching that focus on understanding, practice and consolidation of every concept. With inbuilt assessments and on-going feed backs that involves parents, every child is given room to improve.

At Euro School, learning is always a pleasure. Our curriculum is endowed with many extra-curricular activities to hone the numerous talents of our children. Our endeavor is to prepare our children for the huge wide world where opportunities are endless and they can reach for the stars with confidence.