IEC College of Art and Fashion

Mandikatar, Kathmandu
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Located in Mandikatar, Kathmandu, IEC College of Art and Fashion stands as one of Nepal's premier fashion institutions. This esteemed college is affiliated with Limkokwing University of Malaysia.

Salient Features

Why IEC ?

  • First to introduce Fashion Designing & Interior Design courses in Nepal
  • Quality Education Delivered by highly qualified team of faculty members from Nepal, India & abroad.
  • International Recognized Course & Degree from one of the top university of Malaysia at Affordable Fee structure & Industry Relevant Course with Updated Curriculum for International Market
  • Credit Transfer facilities in different colleges & universities across the globe.
  • Sufficient credit hours to get admission in Masters Degree across the globe
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Promoter and Organizer of Nepal Fashion Week, the biggest Fashion extravaganza in Nepal
  • More than 15000 Alumni (IEC Group of Institutions)

Facilities of IEC College of Art and Fashion

Global Classroom (GC)

Limkokwing University breaks down classroom walls and fosters global ties with innovative SMEs and Multinational Companies, providing students with a truly global education. Through the Global University Campus Program, students engage in industry workshops, cultural visits, and guest lectures to stay updated on global trends. The program emphasizes networking, innovation, and creativity, while also offering industry visits. Additionally, Limkokwing University hosts an annual cultural festival celebrating diversity and promoting multiculturalism, with participation from students representing over 150 countries.

Credit Transfer

Limkokwing University offers exceptional opportunities for students to study at various selected campuses worldwide. Imagine spending a month in Barcelona and then another month in London! You can even explore the possibility of spending six months in six different countries, providing a truly enriching experience. This remarkable advantage can greatly enhance your career prospects and give you a competitive edge. Additionally, there are options available that allow you to graduate with two degrees, further expanding your academic achievements.

Internship and Job Placement

IEC provides valuable internship opportunities where students can shape their ideas and actively engage in their learning. With two internship phases, students gain real-world experience during their study period and complete a three-month internship after graduation. IEC is dedicated to supporting students in achieving success, offering 100% job placement assistance. Graduates quickly find employment in their design fields, often starting their journey with renowned national and international brands during their internship.

WiFi Enable Campus

All of IEC's campuses are equipped with dedicated broadband connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted Wi-Fi access throughout the premises. This facility enables students to have seamless internet connectivity from anywhere on campus. Faculty and students have easy access to IT resources and content right from their desks, as well as the convenience of accessing them from anywhere on campus at any time. This uniform data transfer speed is particularly beneficial for working from different buildings without compromising on the speed of data transfer.


IEC boasts a contemporary library that houses an extensive collection of high-quality books by esteemed authors, regularly updated to provide the latest resources. The library also maintains subscriptions to a diverse range of journals and magazines. It serves as a comprehensive resource center, catering to study, research, self-improvement, and employment needs. In addition to books, the library offers various forms of media, including printed and electronic information, ensuring a wide range of resources for students and faculty alike.

Fashion and Textile Labs

The well-equipped Fashion Labs at IEC feature a wide array of specialized equipment essential for garment manufacturing. These include cutting tables, state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines, overlock machines, flat-lock machines with trimmers, embroidery machines, and ironing equipment. These resources enable students to gain hands-on experience and develop practical skills in the fashion industry.


The E-Lab at IEC is equipped with the latest computing and designing software, encompassing a range of applications such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Tuka-Tech, 3D modeling, animation, multimedia, and more. These cutting-edge software tools empower students to explore various design disciplines and enhance their digital design skills.


IEC prioritizes the delivery of high-quality education by providing rigorous training to its teaching faculty for fashion and interior courses. University representatives provide excellent training during moderation to ensure an international standard of learning. In addition, international teachers are hired to bring diverse theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of design. The faculty includes experienced fashion designers, interior designers, and architects actively working in their respective industries, offering students the latest updates and insights in the field. IEC also emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the revised course structure, and the teaching department regularly aligns with the research and development department of the university to ensure a contemporary curriculum.

Admission Guidelines

Time of Intake

There is a single intake every year, and each academic session starts in January. However, you have to register your names when admissions are open – August to November.

Admission Criteria:

  • Aptitude Test


  • 10 +2 OR Equivalent (any Stream)

How to Apply:

  • Contact IEC Administration via telephone or walk-in Stopover
  • Get Counseling
  • Choose the course of your passion
  • Fill up the form
  • Attend Entrance Exam
  • Face Interview
  • Get Admission


As per the entrance exam performance, students will be given a discount on their tuition fees.


IEC College of Art & Fashion, established in 1997, holds the distinction of being the first educational institution in Nepal to introduce formal courses in Fashion & Interior Design. Over the years, IEC has built a solid reputation in the education field, earning the trust of students and professionals alike.

Recognized for its commitment to quality education, IEC College received the prestigious INTERNATIONAL GOLD QUALITY AWARD (USA) in 2003 for its exemplary Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. Furthermore, the college proudly clinched the title of ASIAN TOP FASHION ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR, 2016 in the esteemed FASHION ASIA AWARD held in China. In addition, IEC College was honored with the NEPAL BEST BRAND LEADERSHIP AWARD in 2018.

With multiple study centers across Kathmandu valley, IEC boasts an exceptional faculty comprising working professionals and state-of-the-art technical facilities. Its infrastructure and educational resources, available in centers located in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, are highly regarded. Notably, IECians have established more than 272 Fashion Labels and 121 Interior Design Studios in Nepal and abroad, showcasing the influence and success of the college's alumni.

As the proud Promoter and Organizer of Nepal Fashion Week, IEC plays a pivotal role in the largest fashion extravaganza in Nepal. The college operates two campuses, spanning over an impressive 77,000 square feet area, where it offers Bachelor's Degrees in Fashion and Interior Design, situated in Mandikatar, Kathmandu.


To provide better insight and understanding of education in Fashion & Interior Design and to also prepare competitive and more qualifiied professionals for the national & international market.

  • To increase opportunities for self-employment.
  • To promote the Fashion Designers & Interior Designers of Nepal and equip them to transcend the nature and stature of current standards and levels.


  • To be a Doer, not just a Planner
  • To be the Leader, not just a Follower
  • To be the Job Creator, not a Job Seeker

Success Stories

  • IECian’s own more than 257 Fashion Labels and 112 Interior Design Studios in Nepal and abroad
  • IECian’s are working in top government manufacturing and export unit of Nepal, UK and USA
  • IECian’s design 60% of dresses of Nepali films, MNC, Banks, Hotels and Casinos of Nepal
  • IECian’s are working in Architectural Firm, Construction & Housing companies
  • IECian’s are running furniture and fitting showroom in different cities of Nepal

Approval and Recognition

IEC College of Art & Fashion is affiliated to Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, and duly approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and also recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Message from the Managing Director

Shailaja Adhikary

Welcome to IEC. It is my privilege to welcome all prospective students to our revised brochure. We have tried our best to make all possible information available in the brochure.

This dream started almost 22 years ago at small block of 2500 sq.ft. in Bagbazaar with few extremely committed workforce who actually had the courage to dream about imparting education in Fashion and Interior. Till then, a formal education in Fashion and Interior was not even heard of in Nepal.

Yes, those initial days were tough; people were skeptic of our approach, but we stood by our dream and here we are today, successfully running a full-fledged international standard college of Fashion and Interior Design in the heart of Kathmandu. And today, with much pride I can say that we are the best in the business.

Our Faculty members are seasoned professionals backed by vast experiences in their respective fields. Top Fashion and Interior designers (domestic as well as international) come as guest speakers to help students understand and create designs that can be made public through on-campus exhibitions as well as off-campus an also through the Nepal Fashion Week, the biggest fashion extravaganza of the country.

At IEC, we focus more on the practical skills of students. by the time our students graduate, they will be able to visualize fabulous concepts and at the same time build them too.

I am absolutely certain that time spent at IEC will make our students confident and at the same time hot properties in the market as it has been since past 22 years. All our team at IEC looks forward to welcome you to our College.

Shailaja Adhikary
Managing Director