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Welcome to Baluwatar Model College!  The college is established in 2069 BS. We have a homely environment and are similar to a family in many ways. We work together with parents/ guardians, students, teachers and community to provide quality education to the students.

Baluwatar Model College has always been striving for quality education since 2069 BS. During the last six years, it has carried out an enviable niche for itself as one of the leading college in the country. BMC has been synonymous to quality education. We believe inspiring the youth by transforming the education in positive vibes which helps them to build their career, social identity and increase their societal dignity.  We believe people have pride of this college today as it has been imparting quality education accordingly to the situation and time.

BMC is established from the collective endeavor of the reputed academicians and professionals who possess writing edge knowledge in their fields. No wonder, BMC is growing like a tree under the successful management team of Mr. Gopal Bhandari, CEO of BMC, Mr. Bishnu Kumar Pandey, Principle of BMC, and other professionals from reputed colleges as, St. Xavier College, KMC, Golden Gate College, Trinity College etc.  who have greater experience in educational field.  

Our Educational Philosophies:

Learning is life long commitment and never ending process that enables the students to realize the truth. We cultivate the inspiration for learning in our students, as we value process as important as the end product. We give importance to the academic activities, extra curricular activities and co curricular activities to foster student’s ability.  We teach the students to read with understanding, write with clarity, think with reasoning and speak articulately.

Our main theme for the educational philosophies is to provide students skills that develop the ‘critical and creative thinking’ in them. 

We believe in each individual’s spiritual potential. We highly value our students for they are heading in their suitable path for attaining knowledge and discipline. We take care of the students’ interests and provide the environment accordingly that helps sharpen their skills and up bring their potentials.  We cherish their creativity and imaginations and move forward to help them gain excellence in the field that they make their careers.


The mission of Baluwatar Model College is to provide our students with quality education at an affordable fee that will not only help them care out for themselves for career of their choice but will also liberalize and broaden their attitude and outlook on life.


  • Provide sound professional education to the students in order to enable them to share the values and responsibilities in the learning process.
  • To make the students responsive to the challenges arising from and relating to academic development.
  • To admit the students with competence and motivation in order to enable them to strive for academic and professional excellence.
  • To foster all round development of the students through both curricular and extra- curricular activities.
  • To foster each student a positive self image, self-discipline and responsible decision making.
  • To develop each student’s intellectual abilities i.e. physically, socially or spiritually to maximize his/her potential to work during the transformation of his/her life or social transformations.
  • To develop feeling of honest citizenship who behaves amicably in the society.
  • To integrate all possible subjects in the learning process and bring positive behavioral change through education.
  • To develop a sense self-determination and collaborative learning.
  • To insist each student for acquiring skills and motivations during in their moral development and continuous learning process.

Location of the College:

Baluwatar Model College is located in a peaceful area in Baluwatar (on the way to Bishal Nagar). Beautiful gardens in the College are majestic with space for games, indoor and outdoor activities.

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Salient features

Salient Features:

The summaries of the brain storming session about the development of Baluwatar Model College are:

  • Has been providing quality education.
  • Peaceful and Spacious Environment, Good Social Security with CCTV survelliance.
  • Provision of nutritious balanced diet and personalized health service.
  • Limited students in classroom for the individual care.
  • Teaching based on AIDA principles.
  • Supported by latest multimedia technologies as computers and Internet and multimedia learning in cohesive and friendly environment with individual care.
  • Foster student’s extra curricular and co- curricular activities.
  •  Well-maintained and spacious Library.
  • Students are given more opportunities to foster their inner talent and build up self confidence in them.
  • Fully equipped Science, Audio-visual laboratories to enhance skills and talents of the students.
  • Healthy and hygienic food for all in the college canteen.

Learning process in at BMC:

BMC has a team of dedicated faculty members with diverse academic research background to deliberate upon and deal with academic issues. They enable to simplify and generalize the complex matter with the help of proven teaching approaches. The major methods of learning process used effectively at BMC are:

  • Group Discussion
  • Class Participation
  • Audio- Video Aids
  • Field Trips and Excursion


College Year and Calendar:

The educational session begins from the first week of Shrawan and ends in the last week of Asadh next year.

  1. Summer Session: The College remains open from Monday to Saturday (except for public holidays which the College mentions to be closed) from 6:15 AM to 11:45 AM for students of Science stream and from 6:15 AM to 10:30 AM for the students of Management and Humanities stream.
  2. Winter Session: The College remains open from Monday to Saturday (except for public holidays which the College mentions to be closed) from 6:30 AM to 11:25 AM for the students of Science Stream and from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM for the students of Management and Humanities stream.
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Admission guidelines

Distribution of the seats on various programs:

Scholarship information

Baluwatar Model College provides various scholarships to deserving candidates. There are following scholarship programs in BMC:

  • SEE Board Topper Scholarship
  • SEE District Topper Scholarship
  • BMC Entrance Topper Scholarship
  • Martyr's Family Scholarship
  • Unprivileged and Remote Area Scholarship
  • School Topper Scholarship
  • Music and Sport Scholarship
  • Merit Based Scholarship

Message from College

Bishnu Pandey picture

Mr. Bishnu Pandey


Dear Parents, Students and Well wishers,Thank you, you for choosing Baluwatar Model College! We welcome you to the large college family, which comprises of the teachers, pupils, parents, and guardians of BMC. Our hope is that while the student is with us that he/she will develop into a mature, happy, responsible young adult who is prepared to face the future with confidence.BMC acknowledges that parents, guardians are the primary educators; as a professional body of teachers, the staff of BMC works in co-operation with the student and the home to help each individual to reach his/her potential. We view education as the wisdom for the development of the youth, which is not placed on the intellectual development but also on the student’s overall development. One of our core benefit about academic success is that hard work, determination and consistent effort are key elements in achieving success. All of above is only possible within a firm and fair code of discipline. show more

Gopal Bhandari picture

Mr. Gopal Bhandari


Respected Parents, Dear Students and Well wishers, I am immensely delighted to welcome you to Baluwatar Model College (BMC) established in 2069 BS under the banner of Baluwatar Education Foundation, with a mission of imparting quality education. Highly dedicated academicians having high proficiency entailed with the sense of responsibility run the college.I believe on the difference that we can make in your performance where we believe the person is himself or herself the performer for his or her achievement. Our faculties apply the transformational teaching learning approach based on the real life experiences. Motivation and regular counseling to the students is part of our teaching. I believe excellence with values. I believe on the overall development of an individual is must for the individual and national growth and for the same purpose we have developed a separate Holistic Development Program (HDP), where the students can have better exposure for extra-curr
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