Wendy House School

Bishalnagar,, Kathmandu




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  1. Description

Wendy House School is located in Bishalnagar, Kathmandu. It is a community based co-educational academic institution. It is dedicated to academic excellence and the holistic development of children. 

The school was founded by Chairperson and Founder Lalita Prasai in 1992 A.D. It was initially launched as a Pre-Primary school but over the years has progressively advanced to become a High School with modern facilities.

Wendy House School has a long heritage of academic excellence, sporting prowess, artistic achievement and service to the community. Since its establishment, it has been gaining titles and honors one by one and today it stands proudly as one of the leading institutions in the educational arena of Bishalnagar Kathmandu.

Wendy house Pre-K to 10 is located at Baluwatar. The School’s facilities encompass a total area of 8 ropanis (sq ft) in an eco-friendly and secure environment away from the clamor and contamination of the city.

Wendy House provides a system of instruction based on modern methods that inculcate values required to face the challenges of the new times.The school imparts knowledge which guides students to be creative, analytical, and logical.

Teachers in the school function as facilitators of learning in addition to imparting knowledge uniformly to all children. They ensure that the ethos of the school is conveyed to each and every student. This helps to develop the potential of individual students according to his/her needs and abilities. 

The curriculum of the school is designed to achieve a balance between academic and co-curricular activities. To ensure holistic development of the student, games and sports, music and art are an integral part of its daily curriculum. 

Wendy House School puts emphasis on activities that harmonize body and mind to help create a fit student. In total it strives for excellence in all that the school endeavors to impart to the student.


A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school. Wendy House School believes in commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.