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Mass Communication and Journalism

Humanities and Social Sciences A sub-discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences

The scope of mass media and communication has grown in recent years into a somewhat interactive notion that affects nearly every element of human existence. The discipline of mass communication is gaining prominence like never before, because of the sheer expansion of media into our lives via newspapers, television, and the internet.

The transmission of a message or information to a wide proportion of the population through an immediate mechanism of reproduction and distribution is what mass communication is all about. Mass communication is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of subjects, including public relations, advertising, journalism, filmmaking, and publishing. It is sometimes contrasted with journalism, which is a career involved with obtaining information from many sources on a certain issue and then presenting the analysis, results, and conclusions to a broad audience via various media including print, electronic, and online.

Studying mass communication helps one to evaluate and critique a variety of media and, more significantly, prepares them for successful employment in this ever-changing profession. It will also aid in the development of research methodologies and analysis abilities that may be used in a variety of disciplines, such as law, academia, and the professional sector.