Masters in Media Technology

Masters in Media Technology

2 years

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Master in Media Technology (MMT) of Purbanchal University is 2 Years (4 Semesters) Program. Master in Media Technology (MMT) is the degree in mass media education with the expertise of Print, Radio and Television. Studying this course, students have options to choose any stream of the mass media communication. Students will be familiar and a practitioner of Media techniques and technology after the completion of the course.

Technological convergence is making mass communication - a more sophisticated & complex discipline. The rapid technological advancement and with globalization of contents at equal speed has heightened the challenges to the media organization thus demands dynamic & qualified workforce. Therefore, a quality mass communication education is must to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities offered in 21st century. Recognizing the current demand of qualified professional media persons in the Nepalese media sector, Purbanchal University offers a two-year full-time Masters in Media Technology (MMT) degree program.

The Master of Arts (M.A) degree in Media Technology is intended for the candidates working in any communication-related field, and seeking to advance to a position with broader perspective. This The MA in Media Technology has specialized concentration areas available to qualified individuals with interest and background in communication industry.

Graduates of MMT degree program will be able to:

  • Apply skills & knowledge in technical areas of communication to specific organizational issues or challenges
  • Manage projects within a communication framework
  • Work effectively in specialized media environment
  • Present technical solutions to media communication related problems
  • Work with and manage creative and technical experts
  • Use strategy and tactics in implantation of communication plans and programs
  • Adapt and integrate new skills as technologies change



Applicants seeking admission to MMT studies must have a Bachelors Degree in any discipline (faculty/stream) from an accredited educational institution. Work experience is preferred, but not essential.

Job Prospects

Masters in Media Technology (MMT) is an internationally portable degree. Upon successful completion of the MMT program, students typically start career in media houses, production companies, advertising & PR agencies as in I/NGOs and variety of corporate organizations as media related activities.

Globally, demand for MMT degree-holders is enormously increasing, especially in Nepal where a large number of media organizations are functioning without fully qualified media personnel. The MMT program at Shepherd prepares students to join at the middle and senior levels in any media related functional areas, i.e. reporting, editing, feature production, radio & television content producers, communication executives & officers in business, government or social organization.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

  • Principles of Mass Communication
  • Principles of Reporting & Editing
  • Laws & Ethics in Media
  • Lekhan Kala: Nepali - Elective
  • Art of Writing: English - Elective
  • IT Applications in Media

Second Semester 

  • Managing the Media
  • Marketing Communication
  • Development Communication
  • Interactive Communication
  • International Communication

Third Semester 

Choose one of the following areas of emphasis

Radio Broadcasting

  • Radio Broadcasting Technology
  • Radio Production Technique
  • Evolution of Broadcasting Media
  • Writing for Broadcasting Media
  • Mass Media Research

 Television Broadcasting

  • Television Broadcasting
  • Television Production Technique
  • Evolution of Broadcasting Media
  • Writing for Broadcasting Media
  • Mass Media Research

 Print Journalism

  • Printing Technology
  • Print Production Technique
  • Evolution of Print Media
  • Writing for Print Media
  • Mass Media Research

Fourth Semester 

  • Thesis
  • Media Literacy
  • Professional Practicum / Internship - Elective
  • Media Production Project - Elective