Bachelor in Media Technology

Bachelor in Media Technology

4 years

Offering Colleges

Bachelor in Media Technology (BMT) is a four years (8 Semester) program.

BMT provides fundamental principles of media and media industry. Students can have opportunity to get knowledge on Print, Broadcasting and Multi Media System.

Bachelor in Media Technology (BMT) gives exposure to real life of media industry enabling them to use their skill and social knowledge. The students can have the opportunity to develop skill and knowledge in areas like Public Relation, Advertising, Media Marketing etc.

Moreover, she/he can be media personality of his/her interest. 


Students who have completed Higher secondary education (10+2 or equivalent) degree in any discipline.

Job Prospects

Web content editor


Television/film/video Assistant

Public relations officer

Multimedia specialist

Editorial assistant

Technical Writer

Market researcher


Curricular Structure

Curriculum: Bachelor in Media Technology: Purbanchal University

First Semester

  • Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication
  • News Reporting
  • Studies in Nepali Language
  • Studies in English Language I
  • Radio Journalism
  • Computer Technology

Second Semester

  • Media and Communication
  • News Reporting and Writing
  • Basics of Photo Journalism
  • Studies in English Language II
  • Radio Broadcast Techniques
  • Interactive Media

Third Semester

  • Public Relations
  • News Reporting (Court)
  • Advance Photo Journalism
  • Studies in English Language III
  • Radio Program Production Techniques
  • Multimedia System

Fourth Semester

  • Sociology I
  • News Editing I
  • Media Issues(Human Rights and Democracy)
  • Advertising
  • Radio Programming
  • Computer Graphics and Design

Fifth Semester

  • Sociology II
  • News Editing II
  • Media and Gender
  • Advertising (Integrated Marketing Communication)
  • TV Journalism and Techniques
  • Web Technology

Sixth Semester

  • Media Laws
  • Right to information
  • Environment Journalism
  • Advertising and Creativity
  • Cinema
  • Computer Animation & Digital Compositing

Seventh Semester

  • Mass Media Research
  • Media Issues (Health Journalism)
  • Development Journalism
  • News Reporting (Online Journalism)
  • Media Management
  • Computer (Project & Organization Management)

Eighth Semester

  • Rural Tourism
  • Applied Reporting
  • New Media (Social Media & Modern Practice)
  • Press Conference & Seminar Management
  • Applied Editing
  • Placement (Internship)