Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism - Purbanchal University

Purbanchal University

Humanities and Social Sciences

3 year(s)

Bachelor in Mass Communication & Journalism (BA/MCJ) is a 3 years, 6 semester course of Purbanchal University. This program enables students to appreciate and discuss the importance of studying journalism and mass communication in relation to mass media. They will be able to apply mass communication principles and have insight into communication issues through application in the practical fields.

Students gain insight into the history, laws and ethical issues of media functioning, including management and organization understanding of news operation and editing and identify major trends in national and global media, raise issues with information flow system and define systems that govern the role and operation of journalism activity.


Eligibility: PCL / 10+2 in any discipline

Admission time: Ashoj every year

Curricular structure

Curriculum: Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism: Purbanchal University

Semester and Course Semester and Course

First Semester

Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism Reporting

Interpersonal Communication

Compulsory English

Compulsory Nepali

Introduction to Literature

Second Semester

Broadcast Journalism -I

News Editing

History of Mass Communication.

Compulsory English

Compulsory Nepali

Essay, Short Story, Fiction

Third Semester

Advertising & Marketing Communications

Broadcast Journalism - II

Basics of Media Research

Media Laws and Regulations

Web Development

Socio Linguistic and Discourse Analysis

Fourth Semester

Broadcast Journalism -III

Regional Conflict and Media

Basics of Photo Journalism

Media Management

Media and Security Organizations

English Poetry

Fifth Semester

Advanced Photo and Visual Journalism

Media about Human Rights and Democracy

Journalism Issues, Practices and Media Writing

Public Relations

Judicial Information and Justice System

World Drama

Sixth Semester

Development Journalism and

Public Communication Journalism

Television Program Production

Film Production

English for Journalism

Role of Media in Conflict Management


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