Telecommunications and Radio Technicians

Last updated January 01, 2015

We’re in closer contact than ever before, able to reach someone across the world with a single phone call -- even while hanging out at a local café or walking down the street.

Much of this is thanks to telecommunications and radio technicians, who keep the technologies that unite us running. Whether they set up a cutting-edge telephone system at a busy corporate office or repair a simple phone line at someone’s house, they are the ones who keep the world in touch.

Telecommunications and radio technicians install, repair, and maintain telephone and radio equipment, such as switches, routers, fiber-optic lines, and switchboards.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Diagnose and correct problems from remote locations
  • Use a network analyzer to detect distortion
  • Work with other service technicians to install T-1 lines
  • Train office managers on how to use their new phone systems

It Helps To Be...

Able to see differences in color and hear differences in tone. It also helps to be an independent worker who’s good with people.

Make High School Count

  • Sign up for classes in electronics and computers.
  • Work hard in math and science to prepare for college study.
  • Build solid reading and speaking skills. You will be reading technical manuals and explaining complex systems to customers.

Did You Know?

Many businesses are switching to voice-over Internet protocol systems, which carry telephone calls over the Internet.