Agriculture is described as the science of cultivating plants and crops, as well as raising animals for food and other valuable resources, to meet human requirements and generate revenue. Agriculture is a discipline that blends biological and botanical sciences with economic and social sciences. Plant or animal farmers devise the most effective strategies for improving crop quality and yield while ensuring that animals are treated humanely.

Agronomy, horticulture, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics, and animal sciences are the five primary fields of agriculture.

Principles of agronomy, farm management and operation, fundamentals of soil science, food animal production, agribusiness, crop management, animal diseases, and other topics are covered in class.

Students of Agriculture learn how to plan, create, and implement projects and productive agrarian processes, as well as agronomic engineering projects related to animal and vegetative production. Using a particular technology to construct current plant breeding and seed manufacturing procedures is also a major component of the discipline.