Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering

Bachelor of Agriculture Engineering

BE Agriculture Engineering ·
4 years
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Fee (Tentative)Starting NPR 490,000

Agricultural Engineers apply engineering principles to all activities related to agriculture and horticulture. Improvements in agricultural farm machinery, farm structures, rural electrification, bio-gas, and new technologies in the design and manufacture of agricultural products, are the major jobs handled by agriculture engineers.

Agricultural engineering are swiftly evolving fields that integrate the principles of biological and physical sciences and use them to solve agricultural and environmental problems. Engineers in these fields design systems and equipment that increase agricultural productivity and food safety. They also manage and conserve soil, water, air, energy, and other agricultural resources. As an agriculture engineering major, you’ll learn the skills of engineering as they relate to agriculture, food production, and resource conservation

Agricultural engineers apply their knowledge of biological and agricultural systems and engineering to equipment design and assure environmental compatibility of practices used by production agriculture. This includes all activities related to agriculture and horticulture for smooth functioning and efficient increase of food productivity, improvement in agriculture farm machinery, farm structure, rural electrification, biogas, new technology in the design and manufacture of agriculture products, conservation of soil and water are the major jobs handled by agriculture engineers.

Professional Organizations:

Professional organizations and associations provide a wide range of resources for planning and navigating a career in Agricultural Engineering. These groups can play a key role in your development and keep you abreast of what is happening in your industry. Associations promote the interests of their members and provide a network of contacts that can help you find jobs and move your career forward.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

International Commission of Agricultural Engineering


In case of Letter Grading System, students should have secured minimum "C" Grade in all subjects in Grade 11 and 12.