BSc Forestry

BSc Forestry

4 years

The Bachelor of Forestry Science is a four-year professional degree under Tribhuvan University. Forestry is an applied science that involves managing forest ecosystems within increasingly complex social environments. A challenging, demanding profession, forestry applies forest ecosystem sciences, management sciences, and communications skills to the conservation and management of forest resources to meet society's ever increasing needs for commodities, services, and a healthy environment.

Foresters are professional men and women who understand the many different aspects of managing natural and human elements of forest systems. Forestry requires a broad education. Biological and physical sciences provide the basis for evaluating the complex interactions of forest ecosystems. Social sciences provide understanding of how humans value forest conditions and forest-based products and services. Management sciences help foresters to match human needs and desires with the sustainable capabilities of forests.



Students with Intermediate of Science (I.Sc.), Technical Certificate Level (TCL) in Forestry, Diploma in Forestry, +2 in Science, A-level or equivalent degree with at least 100-full-mark-courses in mathematics and biology and a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate can apply for admission into the Bachelor of Science in Forestry Program. Students aspiring to get admission into the B.Sc. Forestry program have to get through an entrance examination conducted by the IOF and are selected on their merit scores.

Admission Procedure

Interested and eligible candidates can apply for admission into the B.Sc. Forestry program by filling out the prescribed application forms and submitting the documents and credentials as mentioned below. Applicants can obtain application forms by paying an application processing and entrance examination fee of NPR1500.00 (subject to change). The completed application forms along with the documents and credentials must be submitted by the deadline notified.

Required Documents and Credentials

Copies of academic transcripts. In case an applicant is a graduate of a university other than Tribhuvan University, he/she has to submit a certificate of migration and a certificate of recognition and equivalence of his/her educational qualification from Curriculum Development Centre, TU.

  1. A copy if Character Certificate
  2. A copy of Citizenship certificate
  3. Three recent passport sized photographs
  4. In case of IOF staff seats, a no objection letter from the Campus Chief for application submission and an official nomination letter from the IOF for admission.
  5. In case of ‘government department seats’, pre-approval letters for application submission and letters of nomination for admission. These letters must be from the candidates’ concerned departments.

Note: A candidate applying for the remote area seat must be a citizen of a remote district of class “A” according to government’s classification and must have passed SLC examination from a public school of the same district.

Admission Criteria

Entrance Examination

Applicants have to take a two-hour long entrance examination of 100 full marks, testing their knowledge of English, mathematics, forestry, and science (physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology). The questions asked in this examination are of multiple choice objective types, based on +2 level Science and TCL level forestry courses. Full marks for the examination are allocated as follows:

English 20 20
Mathematics 20 20
Forestry 20 20
Science 40 40
Total 100

An applicant must secure a minimum of 40% marks to pass the test. The final merit list of applicants will be prepared by adding 20% of the total marks obtained in the I. Sc. examination to 80% of the marks obtained in the entrance examination. Names of candidates who pass the entrance test will appear in the result list in merit order, on the basis of which candidates are selected for admission.

Job Prospects

Career Prospects

Foresters are involved in the mapping, of forested areas. They prepare documents about forest resources, wild animals in forests. They are responsible for the protection of forests from campers and poachers. They maintain all the technical data related to forests.

People willing to work as foresters should be interested in environment, ecology, wild life and conservation. They need to have good people's skill, good physique; physical fitness and mental fitness are required. Job opportunities exist in Private and Public Sector Organizations, Forest based Industries, Research and Consultancy Industries, Development Organizations, NGO's, etc

Curricular Structure

B.Sc. Forestry Curriculum

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
BSH 301 Forest Botany and Genetics 50 2
BSH 302 Communication and Technical English 50 2
BSH 303 Forest Zoology & Mammalogy 50 2
BSH 304 Mathematics for Forestry 50 2
BSH 305 Economics 50 2
BSH 306 Wood Chemistry 50 2
PWM 307 Biodiversitv Conservation & Ecotourism 50 2
SFM 308 Forest Mensuration I 75 3
Total Credit Hours 17

1st Year 2nd Semester

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
FPE 35 1 Forest Surveying 75 3
WME 352 Global Environment & Climate Change 50 2
PWM 353 Wildlife Biology 75 3
SFM 354 Forest Management I 50 2
SFM 355 Fores Etxtensio and Education 75 3
SFM 356 Gender & Social Inclusion (GESI) in NRM 50 2
BSH 357 Geophysics 50 2
SFB 358 Tree Physiology 50 2
SF’M3 59 Field Trip 24 1
  Total Credit Hours 20

2nd Year 1st Semester

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
BSH 401 Forest Statistics 75 3
WME 402 Soil Science 75 3
PWM 403 Wildlife Conservation and Management 75 3
SFM 404 Forest Law and Policy 50 2
SFB 405 Agroforestry 50 2
SFB 406 Silviculture 50 2
WME 407 Environmental Science 50 2
WME 408 Geology for Forestry 75 3
Total Credit Hours 20

2nd Year 2nd Semester

Course Code


Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
WME 451 Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing 75 3
WME 452 Forest Hydrology 50 2
SFM 453 Forest Resource Economics 75 3
SFM 454 Forest Mensuration II 75 3
FPE 455 Forest Harvesting & Logging 50 2
SFB 456 Tree Improvement & Silviculture 50 2
SFB 457 Forest Ecology 50 2
PWM 458 Tourism and Recreation 75 3
  Total Credit Hours 20

3rd Year 1st Semester

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
FPE 5O1 Forest Products Utilization 50 2
WME 502 Introductory GIS 50 2
WME 503 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering 50 2
SFM 504 REDD Forestry and Climate Change 50 2
SFM 505 Community Based Forest Management 50 2
SFM5 06 Experimental Design for Forestry 50 2
SFB5 07 Forest Protection 50 2
FPE 508 Forest Engineering 75 3
Total Credit Hours 17

3rd Year 2nd Semester

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
FPE 551 Non Timber Forest Products 50 2
WME 552 Watershed Management 50 2
WME 553 Range Management 50 2
PWM 554 Conservation Biology 75 3
SFM 555 Forest Management II 75 3
SFM 556 Project Management 50 2
SFB 557 Advance Silviculture 50 2
SFM 558 Field Training 50 2
  Total Credit Hours 18
Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
WME 601 Mountain Environment and Development 50 2
PWM 602 Protected Area Management 75 3
SFM 603 Research Methodology 50 2
SFM 604 Community Forestry 75 3
SFM 605 Field Training 50 2
Sub Total 12
Select any two from the following Elective Subjects
WME 601 Biochemistry 75 3
FPE 607 Introduction to Computer Programming 75 3
FPE 608 Wood Science and Technology 75 3
FPE 609 Alternative Energy 75 3
WME 610 Remote Sensing and GIS Application in NRM 75 3
WME 611 Environmental Chemistry 75 3
PWM 612 Ornithology and Mammalogy 75 3
SFM 613 Urban Forestry 75 3
Total Credit Hours 18

4th Year 2nd Semester

Course Code Course Title Full Marks Credit Hours
SFM 651 Student Project/Internship Proposal Presentation 25 1
SFM 652 Project Paper /Internship* 200 8
SFM 653 Seminar 25 1
  Total Credit Hours 10
  Grand Total 3500 140